5 flowers to give your spouse this month

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When it comes to deciding on gifts for your loved ones like your spouse or life partner, flowers are the first gift that strikes your mind. It does not just strike out of nowhere but for the prominent nature of flowers as they are widely known for depicting romance and passion.  

There are numerous flowers to give your soulmate on any occasion or event coming forthwith. They work as a charm to leave your partner astounding. The amorous rose petals would catch your partner’s breath, pink orchids will express the grace of the bond you both share, and white lilies for the trust you possess in each other.

Red Roses –

Rose is undoubtedly a potent flower for carrying divine emotions and heartfelt feelings. There are several bewitching hues of roses, each having a symbol of its own. Among all the hues, the red rose is exceedingly recognized for true love, desire, and lust. They are the top-notch choice to gift your soulmate on your anniversary. The aroma of these flowers grows romantic and affectionate vibes around your loved ones. Your spouse will feel thrilled and adored just by the presence of the red roses. When you decide to take your spouse on a date, a bouquet of red roses will be overwhelming to start your date with.

Lavender Flowers –

Lavenders have various efficient uses mentioned in history and are still followed by therapeutics and hospitality. They are also used as ornaments and cooking ingredients. Lavender lotion eases the muscles and the calming odor would make you feel relieved in an instant. If you or your spouse has insomnia, lavender tea made with dried lavender leaves would aid you to get a quiet sleep. Lavender has the essence of all the divine emotions of serenity, solace, silence, peace, refinement, and tranquillity. Lavender, as the name suggests, mainly relates to elegance, luxury, and dignity. You can even send a flower the same day with the flower delivery services in Tulsa. The world has different kinds of Lavender plants existing as French Lavender, English Lavender, Spanish Lavender, etc.

Light Pink Lilies –

Lilies originated from the genus ‘Lilium’, often described as ‘True Lilies’. Lilies are often linked to the tale of Zeus and Hera thus defining the meaning of fertility and parenthood. You can send pink lilies to your wife when she is expecting or to the hospital after her delivery. If your spouse just got a new job or has started a new business, you can choose a bouquet of light pink lilies to wish your partner good luck. Pink lilies often symbolize the uttermost prosperity and admiration. Lilies also mean good luck wishes and 100 years of love when you are in China. You can gift Lilies as birthday flowers in Tulsa OK. 

Hot Pink Tulips –

Tulips are derived in Central Asia as wildflowers. They grew their popularity in Turkey during 1000 AD. A biologist named Carolus Clusius transported tulips to Europe in the 16th Century thus gaining fame by the 17th century. Lilies consist of about 3000 ranges along with 150 species. Tulips symbolize passion, intense love, rebirth, and kindness. Different shades of tulips have different symbolisms. Pink tulips are glamorous to the eyes and have significant meanings of affection, thoughtfulness, love, devotion, and support. Alarming your spouse with hot pink lilies on their birthday shows your love grows for them every passing year. They are called Birthday Flowers in Tulsa, Oklahoma because of their renaissance nature.

Blue Hydrangea –

The hydrangea flower was first nurtured in Japan and was named, Ajisai. They are known for growing in the rainy season i.e., in the months of June and July. They evolve any place into magical and aromatic parks. Japanese often signify these flowers with the meaning of profound emotion. If you need to apologize to your partner and tell them that you care about them, Blue Hydrangea would be the opposite in this situation. Spotting a radiant blue hydrangea bouquet would smoothly melt your loved one’s heart. They also describe gratitude and harmony.


Selecting a gift is easier with a bouquet of blooming flowers. The vibrant shades each depicting its significance leave your partner amazed. Our Tulsa florist sells a wide range of fragrant flowers to shower your love on your better half wildorchidflorist.com.

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