5 signs when you need to say NO

If you have trouble saying no, learning to recognize the signs of personal discomfort can help you know when to draw the line.

These five signs you need to say no for your own good.

1. If you feel uncomfortable

No one knows your limits better than you. If you’ve been asked to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable, it may be a sign that you should say no. Take time to breathe consciously and listen to your intuition.

2. You feel guilty or obligated

In a work environment, it is especially difficult to say impossible. When your bosses delegate tasks to you, your job may require you to obey. But that doesn’t mean your time and energy aren’t as valuable as theirs. Use your self-advocacy skills to stand up and say no. Your decision should not be based on guilt or duty.

3. When you are overwhelmed

If you’re overwhelmed, let go of multiple tasks or projects. Wait until you free up time and energy before taking on anything new.
If you always work long hours, say no to weekend work. Covid-19 has significantly increased the number of employees working from home. Research shows that remote workers are working longer hours and facing higher workloads than before the pandemic. You can also feel especially depressed during the holidays, because the burden at home and at work increases. You may have to wait until the holidays before accepting anything new. Remember that saying no to yourself is just as important as saying no to others. Putting pressure on yourself will only increase your stress and anxiety. Make sure to prioritize your mental and physical health to avoid burnout.

4. If the request exceeds your personal limits

When someone asks you to do something outside of your boundaries, it’s important to stop the process and say no. It pays to stick to your boundaries.

5. If you say yes just to please others

While pleasing others is a natural motivation to get things done, it shouldn’t be the only reason you work hard. If pleasing others comes at the expense of your own happiness and well-being, it’s not worth it.

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