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A regular Dentist in lahore appointment is necessary to take care of your teeth. Scaling extraction, fitting dental prostheses, and the filling. According to the issue affecting your dental health, the dentist can provide the most appropriate dental treatment for you. This article will give you an overview of the various kinds of dental treatment.

Even if you clean your teeth each day, Dentist in Lahore, the routine of brushing your teeth daily does not always suffice to eliminate all dental plaque. The result is that when plaque freezes, it mineralizes, transforms into tartar, and allows bacteria to grow and cause gingivitis, cavities, etc.

After the tartar has been placed and the tartar is removed, only a scale done by a dentist can get rid of it. To do that, the dental professional may use as-needed ultrasonic instruments or manual curettes to remove the tartar. However, this treatment is not painful on its own; it isn’t well-liked by most patients.

It is recommended to conduct a cleaning at least every 6 months and even every year on the advice of your dentist. Taking care of your dental health is vital as tartar is the root of dental problems, such as gingivitis (inflammation of the gums).


Fillings are among the most sought-after kinds of dental treatment. They are performed when a sufferer is suffering from caries. The basic principle behind filling is After removing the affected tooth’s part; the dentist replaces it using the filling. In actuality, it’s an amalgam resin.

Its primary benefit is its aesthetic aspect. White hue lets it be extremely subtle. Its tint also changes color due to tobacco or coffee.


There are many types of routine Dentist in lahore treatment; dental revitalization is carried out when there is significant tooth decay or the necrosis pulp of the tooth. The procedure is performed in various stages while under local anesthesia.

The removal of the pulp tissue from the tooth affected

Cleaning the teeth

The obstruction of the canals

Reconstruction of the tooth

A tooth that is damaged and has recently been damaged is weak. The placement of dental crowns is usually recommended to protect the tooth from fracture.


The removal of teeth is considered when tooth preservation is not feasible. This procedure is offered in cases of severe periodontitis, loosening teeth, or even a fracture in the tooth. Dental extractions are performed with local anesthesia within the dentist’s office.


The artificial tooth is designed for the replacement of missing or damaged teeth. The most popular designs are dentures, including fixed prostheses attached to the teeth (bridge or implant, crown, etc.) and removable prostheses, partial devices, or full dentures removed to cleanse the remaining teeth.

If required, Dr. Rousseau can carry out the placement of dental implants, with and without bone grafting, to help restore your natural smile and gorgeous teeth.


It is not obvious that invisible orthodontics is one of the kinds of dental treatment provided by Doctor Christine Rousseau. If the teeth are not properly placed, use of clear aligners is advised. Adjusting the position of teeth without affecting social interactions with invisible orthodontics improves appearance and aids in maintaining oral hygiene. Ensures the health of your teeth. The treatment can also reduce the natural shade and achieve a beautiful smile after the treatment best dental surgeon in lahore.

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