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animal print clothes for women

Why Animal-Printed Fashion Is So Popular Among Women

Animal prints come and go with different fashion trends, but this year they are everywhere. While these wild prints look great, they can also be major fashion faux pas. If you plan to show your wild side, follow a few tips to look your best.

Elegance is key: If you plan to wear animal print shirts to work or other formal events, choose a dress with a touch of class and sophistication. Animal print shirts are very revealing on the inside, so if you choose an animal print dress, shirt, or skirt, look for semi-conservative cuts and styles. Choose a wrap dress with a zebra or cheetah print and you will look great.

Look at everything that gives: we all love to show off the great qualities that make us women, but sometimes there is a time and place for everything, and knowing this is half the battle. If you are going to a fancy club and want to get some love, feel free to wear this tight zebra-print cocktail dress.

But if you are just going out for drinks, on a first date, or at work, stay away from showing off. If your new zebra-print top shows too much cleavage, wear a skirt a few inches above the knee. Again, the rule is to dress for the occasion and be sexy but stylish.

Tiger stripes. Leopard print. Giraffe spots. Animal prints survive into the 1980s and are still universally used in fashion today. Although animal prints often considered gaudy, the one of the oldest motifs in fashion and can be found on everything from underwear to shoes, blankets, and curtains.

Animal prints continue to be popular because of the variety of ways they can be worn and styled. A leopard print mini dress can look wild, fun, and flirty, while a black leopard print mini dress and leopard print shoes add a special touch to a classic outfit.

Animal prints, such as camouflage patterns, are recognizable as a motif, but they also come in a variety of colors. The classic black and white zebra print is bold, but when presented in shades of blue or yellow, it is softer and more feminine.

You always see stars on the red carpet in animal prints – red dresses, leopard print shoes and zebra ties – but the classic print adds fun and whimsy to any outfit.

Animal prints are also a focus for lingerie. From corsets to stockings, animal prints are a mainstay in everything, even in small quantities. Leopard-shaped bushes and red bows add sensuality and edge to outfits. Lace bodies with zebra stripes add a nice touch of shiny fabric.

When wearing animal print clothing, it is important to be elegant so that people do not think the pattern has changed since the 1980s. If you choose a subtle animal print, make sure that the pattern displayed on up to two pieces.

Shoes, belts, jewelry, hats, and accessories in animal prints can be simple accents to complete a coordinated look. Mixing animal prints with each other or with other wild motifs can also make an outfit look boring, complicated, or inappropriate.

If the animal print is the focus of the outfit, keep everything else simple. For zebra print dresses, opt for classic black or white heels that do not match the dress. For leopard print coordinates, choose black or transparent socks to avoid looking puffy.

Animal print clothing is widely available in retail stores and online. Stores like Target, Wet Seal, and Forever 21 have carried the classic animal print in their youth and women’s sections for years.

Animal prints are a stylish and fun motif that adds a unique touch to clothing for any occasion get code buy now.

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