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Duc Nguyen loved to travel from Milwaukee to Chicago and would always stop at Bambu for his Vietnamese che drinks. It was the best in Milwaukee. Nguyen was born in Vietnam, and moved to Milwaukee with his family at age 8. His parents ran a south-side restaurant. e Every morning, he starts cooking Bambu’s breakfast menu. The majority of the ingredients are made in-house, including the che, teas, and smoothies.

Bambu from Milwaukee

We grew up eating traditional Vietnamese che, as we were born there. My family moved to Milwaukee in 1991. The closest thing you can get to Vietnamese food is at a Vietnamese restaurant. It was something I had to have every time I visited Chicago. Milwaukee doesn’t have a franchise like this so why not bring it?

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Franchise facts

Although it is a franchise, we are very hands-on. All of the cooking is done every day. We don’t have to make this from scratch. Instead, we bring it in from the franchise. It’s a lot to cook, which is why I chose Bambu.

His sweet start

My family owned a restaurant before Bambu. Saigon Vietnamese restaurant was located on National and 19th Streets back then. It was owned by my parents for 10 years. My sister then ran a Chinese restaurant at Menomonee Falls. This is where my food history comes from. There are seven of us, and I am number 5. My parents died in 1996 and we all left the restaurant business. We all went to the nail salon, and my sister and brother still do nails.Food is something that people share in common. It’s something we enjoy and I think che is something that is more new to us all. They should learn more about Vietnamese cuisine. The popularity of Vietnamese food is growing rapidly. Many people are familiar with the comfort food pho but not the desserts.Bambu serves desserts, boba, tea, and smoothies. Boba is a hot trend right now and everyone wants it.

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Boba basics

Boba is an Taiwanese dish. Then everyone started to adapt it in restaurants. It is very popular in Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants. You can find the bobas all over social media and TikTok. Boba can be added to your coffees, teas and che. This is a growing trend and everyone is getting into it. Social media plays a huge role in any company’s ability to market their products and brand. It opens up people’s minds to new ideas. It makes them feel more at ease. Boba is big in California and Houston. But here, many customers don’t understand what boba is and want to try it.

What is che?

Dessert. The desserts are often surprising, but people love them. There are many variations of che. Coconut milk and coconut water are used as the base of some che. There are 15 different che available, depending on the choice you make. Some che can be made with only jelly or red tapioca. Che made with beans is sweetened with sugar. You can also use taro to make a variety of che. You can also make one with fruits, including all tropical fruits and coconut meat.

His favourite

Our number 10, made from a jelly that we make at home and red tapioca. This is our number one hit. Many of our ingredients are homemade. All of the beans, including the red beans, mung beans, and taro, are cooked in-house. In-house red tapioca can also be made. Black jelly, which some boba shops refer to as herbal jelly, is also made in-house.

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Sweet sip

Vietnamese coffee is very simple. Iced coffee is the traditional. It’s stronger. It gives you a stronger kick than what I get at Starbucks. It is sweetened with condensed milk to preserve the Vietnamese tradition of drinking coffee. Condensed milk can be used to make it, or you can use sugar. However, the condensed dairy gives it a creamy texture and sweetens it. We do not add any half and half or other ingredients. Always serve it over ice. It is served over ice in a variation of the traditional hot. Customers can also order hazelnut, salted caramel, and a cafe latté hot.

The best seller

The menu includes the che, the smoothies, and the coffee. Each drink on the menu has become a hit. The traditional Vietnamese and salted caramel coffees are a hit. Popular smoothies include the mangonada smoothie and mango smoothie. Thai tea tastes different from what you can get at a Thai restaurant. It is made every morning using Thai tea leaves. We don’t use powders. The taro black teas and taro milk teas are also very popular. Filipinos love the che, the Halo-Halo. This is how we reimagine the Filipino dessert.

His home cooking

Pho is our comfort food. I ask my wife for it, especially in winter. It’s so good to return home to hot, steaming broth.Fork. Spoon. Life. Explores the daily relationship between food and local celebrities (both within the food community as well as outside). To suggest future personalities

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