Best Speech Coaching Tips for Public Speaking in Singapore

The pressure of public speaking is real. One wrong word, unexpected noise or flubbed line and you could FIND yourself in front of the entire world at speed. Thankfully, there are some great tips for improving your public speaking game. Check out these top-notch speech coaching tips that you could get from public speaking course singapore for improving your natural speaking skills and impress everyone who comes across your CV.

Be transparent with your audience.

The public speaker in you should be transparent with your audience. If you start off with “Hi, I’m X” and the rest of your speech is “I’m X, and so is Y, and so is Z”, your audience will feel like you’re only interested in them as an occasional friend. Plus, they might feel put off if you don’t mention their name more than once or twice.

So, be upfront with your audience and state how you plan to address their concerns or questions. Also, make eye contact with your audience whenever you’re talking to someone. This means you’re paying attention to them and giving them a sense of importance.

Be self-disclosure-driven.

We all have something to say, and we all have things to offer. But, don’t overthink it. You don’t have to say everything you know, know everything you know and say it in the most exciting way. You can select few topics from each field and present them in a creative and engaging way.

No need to talk about your military service, your time in the police or your time in politics. People will understand what you mean if you just say “… and I have an interesting hobby, too!” Or, “… and that’s what I do for a living!”

Don’t use too many adverbs in your speech.

Adverbs are words that give extra information or make your speech seem more detailed or descriptive. They can be a great addition to your speech, but they should be used with care. Don’t overuse them. They should be used in moderation and only when necessary.

Don’t use them in an attempt to make your speech seem more important or more descriptive. You also shouldn’t overuse them in your cover letter, too! You only need a few adverbs per cover letter – do not overuse them!

Tell a story with your speech.

How do you make your speech interesting and engaging? How do you make your audience feel? By using different storytelling techniques and continuously moving the conversation back to your point, you not only make your speech flow better, but you encourage your audience to ask and contribute to the conversation as well. This, in turn, makes your speech more engaging and increases the likelihood that people will remember your speech and come back to it with new ideas and subjects for discussion.

Look for feedback and work on weaknesses before the next event.

Public speaking is all about self-transparency and feedback. If you know you have a weakness or two that you struggle with, you can work on these before the next event. Be sure to bring this information to the event so you can address these questions and address any problems you may have avoided mentioning in your speech.


Speaking in public is nerve-wracking, but speaking well is really, really worth the effort. There are many ways to approach public speaking, and choosing the right one for each situation can often be difficult. But with these tips, you can improve dramatically and get through each speaking engagement with ease. Read more…

By Khizar Akhtar

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