Which is the Best Career Option? CA vs CMA


CA vs CMA: If you aspire to enter the corporate world as a financial professional, you may do it in several ways. It is normal to feel confused while choosing the professional route that will serve you in the long term, given the abundance of learning opportunities and fascinating work profiles available in the modern world.

CA vs CMA is a concern for commerce students. CA and CMA are worthwhile and exciting courses in the business world. Yet, both courses are regarded as the most difficult. If you have initially considered them and are uncertain about them, we will make your decision-making process much more straightforward.

CA vs CMA: About CMA Course

The sole emphasis of cost and management accounting or CMA Course is cost accounting management. Cost accountants in India are responsible for administering the CMA examination. The CMA profession is well-compensated and rewarding. Moreover, CMA is ultimately accountable for the company’s expansion and for determining what measures are essential for the organization’s internal advancement.

About CMA Course Structure

The CMA curriculum consists of three levels.

  • CMA Foundation
  • CMA Intermediate
  • CMA Final certification

After passing the 10+2 exams, students can register for the CMA Foundation course.

About CMA Course Fee

Below is the CMA Course fee structure:

Level Fees
CMA Foundation Rs 6,000
CMA Intermediate Rs 23,100
CMA Final Rs 25,000

About CMA Salary

When comparing CA vs CMA salary in India, the typical CMA pay is between Rs. 5 and 7 lakhs, which grows with time. Moreover, some of the job roles that a CMA can apply for are as follows:

  • Cost Accounting
  • Accounting Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) etc

About The CMA Demand

Not every firm is obligated to do a cost audit; only a small number of extremely large-scale enterprises are required to perform a cost audit. Although CMA has started to emerge in India, yet the role’s scope is limited. However, we may affirm that it is a path for the future. Yet, you can find high-paying opportunities if you plan to move abroad.

CA vs CMA: About CA Course

CA is among the most commonly opted courses among commerce students. Moreover, CA in India occupies a responsible role and is accountable for handling the corporate’s financial and legal affairs. Also, CAs have expertise in various financial sectors, including auditing, accounting, taxes, and the law. Thus they have many employment options in each of these fields.

A Chartered Accountant may also opt to specialize in a particular industry. A CA is employed to improve the company’s exterior look. In other words, they support and advise investors and shareholders on their financial understanding and needs. Individuals must finish three levels of ICAI to become CAs.

About CA Course Structure

The CA course structure is as follows:

  • CA Foundation
  • CA Intermediate
  • CA Final

About CA Course Fee

The CA course fees for all levels are as follows:

Level Fees
CA Foundation Rs 11,300
CA Intermediate
  • CA Intermediate (Single group): Rs 28,000
  • CA Intermediate (Both groups): Rs 34,200
  • CA Intermediate (Direct Entry): Rs 34,400
CA Final Rs 39,800

About CA Salary

A fresher Chartered Accountant may expect an average compensation of around 6-7 lakhs. In contrast, individuals who pass the CA examinations on their first attempt may get between 10 and 12 lakhs. Moreover, the remuneration of rank holders might be 25 lakhs.

About The CA Demand

The next important thing in the CA vs CMA is demand. In the business environment, a Chartered Accountant may make a respectable salary, including managing the company’s legal and financial affairs. Moreover, due to their competence in different fields, including accounting, auditing, taxes, finance, and company law, Chartered Accountants are suited for various job positions. Both individuals and businesses may employ chartered Accountants. Hence, the market has a very strong demand for CAs.

CA vs CMA Which Is Easy?

Whenever it comes to the curriculum, CA is more complex than CMA. The number of individuals who pass the CMA exams is always greater than that of those who pass the CA tests. However, both call for ongoing effort.

CA or CMA Which Is Better?

Which is better depends on your preferences and talents. So carefully assess the subject curriculum and accordingly make a choice.


With the difference between CMA and CA, you must have thoroughly understood the courses. As per current industry specialists, CA has great potential and demand.

Nevertheless, if you are considering the future, maybe 10 to 15 years from now, you may select CMA, which is expected to grow with time. Additionally, CA and CMA are the most difficult courses, yet both are valuable and desirable. To get more details about CA and CMA visit CA Wizard

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