Comparison Between Virgin Media and BT Leased Lines


The reverence¬† British Telecom and Richard Branson’s Virgin Media are two of the most well-liked broadband providers in the UK.

Which is best, though? Both include fibre optic connections, limitless downloads, and TV and home phone package deals. As we compare the two leased line Providers, so you can choose which is best for you.

The finest leased line provider for small businesses is BT Leased lines, Colt has the fastest connections, and BT has the highest level of dependability. However, we also advise researching Virgin Media, Neos Networks, and Vodafone.

It is always wise to weigh your selections because the ideal leased line provider for one company might not be the finest one for another. Supported by in-depth research and choose the leased line providers according to your business needs and requirements.

The data and reviews on this page are helpful since they are supported by thorough research and our more than ten years of expertise assisting businesses in finding the best services!

The businessman Try out our free quote-finding tool as well. After answering a few questions about your needs, you will receive personalised, no-obligation rates for comparison from the top leased line providers.

For more than 20 years, Virgin Media Business has collaborated with companies of all sizes. Businesses are using it to keep up with client demands and thrive in difficult market conditions. There are 50,000 UK companies in a variety of industries that use the internet data and phone services provided by Virgin Media. To enhance connectivity and facilitate learning, The business collaborates with the government, works with thousands of schools, collaborates with the public sector and works with local municipalities.

Four distinct leased line options, each with a different price and speed, are provided by Virgin Media. A speed of 50 Mbps to 10Gbps is available. The business offers homes and businesses the quickest widely available speeds because of its incredibly fast and dedicated network. The firm is growing its offerings to reach more homes and companies in the UK and Ireland via the Virgin Media Business broadband network.

Comparison Between Virgin Media and BT

Cost Comparison

It is challenging to compare the costs of the two providers because they provide several package options, but here is the fundamental information.

Although there isn’t a significant price difference between the two, Virgin Media frequently performs marginally better. It frequently compares as being slightly less expensive than BT when comparing similar broadband packages, albeit occasionally by just a few pounds per month.

Naturally, it becomes more complicated when you take into account the numerous special offers, contract durations, bundling, and other factors. if you’re comparing monthly costs or total costs. Basically, you have to look at what is offered at the moment.


In all honesty, using our postcode checker is the only method to respond to this. picking the appropriate filters. It might go either way, so choose the filters that are right for you and compare rates for exactly what you want.

Speeds Comparison

Both services give various download speeds. The typical download speeds for BT broadband plans are 36 Mbps, 50 Mbps, and 67 Mbps. Although it isn’t widely available yet, BT Ultrafast is also available in some locations, with average speeds of up to 1Gb (1,000Mb). Virgin Media broadband offers 54Mb, 108Mb, 213Mb, and 362Mb in typical download speeds; additionally, in a few locations, Gig1 offers ultrafast speeds of up to 1Gb.


Well, this is a simple one. For the majority of us, Virgin Media offers faster broadband speeds. On the other hand, if you’re looking for ultrafast gigabit broadband, it’s a tie, though BT’s maximum speeds are more generally accessible.

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Limitations on downloads

Virgin Media’s packages all include absolutely unlimited downloads, while all of BT’s internet plans are genuinely limitless. Therefore, the two are comparable in terms of download restrictions!


Both companies provide unlimited broadband subscriptions, therefore it’s a tie.


Almost wherever BT phone lines are available, you can also have a BT internet connection. In other words, it is very common. Unfortunately, such is not the case with fibre optic broadband, which is somewhat patchier while having very broad coverage. Additionally, it does not apply to blazing-fast gigabit broadband.

The majority of significant towns and cities have Virgin Media’s network coverage, but there are still several gaps. If you live in the country, there are

The likelihood that your home will acquire it is significantly lower. And the likelihood of receiving its gigabit broadband is much lower.


  • By a significant margin, BT is the most accessible; even fibre optic coverage. We strongly advise using our postcode checker to see if both BT and Virgin Media broadband are offered where you live before making a selection.

Additional Advantages of BT Leased Lines:

Whichever option you select, you’re fortunate because BT and Virgin Media’s broadband packages both include tonnes of extras.

By using BT you get:

  • Free usage of BT Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide
  • 500GB or more of cloud storage
  • For some online security, try BT Virus Protect.
  • You can utilise the BT SmartTalk app.
  • For some online security, try BT Virus Protect.
  • You can utilise your landline minutes from your mobile device using the BT SmartTalk app.

Extra Benefits of Virgin Media:

  • Hub 3 or Hub 4 email addresses from Virgin Media
  • F-Secure and Web Safe SAFE for online safety
  • Virgin Media Wi-Fi stations are accessible for free, including on the London Underground

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