Educated Women in society

1)Importance of education for women

The backwardness of a country depends mainly on the percentage of lack of educated persons . This percentage is very high among men in the world,but alarmingly low in the case of women. Education for women is as much essential as for men in different ways.

2)Performance of women duties as

i)A good citizen

An educated women is conversant with her duties as a citizen of a state,She is aware of role she has to play

ii)Good mothers

An educated mother can serve her country in sense that she produces good citizen with tolerant views and vast outlook. The mother wields a great influence of her child as mother lap is considered as child first school.

iii)Good wives

An educated women is refined,matured and resourceful. She can help the family by getting into some employment when need arises.

3)Women a burden, her realisation to work

Education may be a to a few fortunate women, but to an average middle class woman, education is a means of caring her livelihood hi is an armour against any accident of life. Woman has of late begun to realise that she is a burden on her parents during the days of her youth. Then this burden is thrown on the shoulders of her husband. When she is old. she is a burden on her son or his wife So she seeks education with a view to leading an independent life.

4) If gender barriers are removed women can do anything

Women face a challenge in their life right from birth; they learn from an early stage of life that how to immolate their happiness for the sake of family. Women don’t bear societal help to do or achieve anything; rather, society must learn how to act immorally as an humane human being. Despite obstacles from birth, women can come public leaders,government officers, famed athletes, astronauts, serving in the Pakistani fortified forces, and hold elderly positions in business associations, among other effects. This demonstrates how females compete males and can pursue their dreams at any cost.

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