Expedition of deo tibba trek

deo tibba trek


  • Altitude:- 14,800ft or 4,500m
  • Gain in altitude:-2,200ft.
  • Distance:- 8km
  • Duration:-5-7hrs
  • Best season:- monsoon trek(July to August); Autumn trek(September to November)
  • Sonw:- mid December – mid June
  • Stay:- you can stay in affordable hotel or guest house.


The Deo Tibba Trek is a moderately challenging trek. This trek is of 6 days having an altitude of 14,000 feet. A 37-kilometer trekking route follows an impressive, mesmerising view of Deo Tibba Indrasan Peak, Inderkila Peak, and the glaciers and little Chandratal Lake at its base.The Hill of Gods is another name for the Deo tibba hike. The dome-shaped Deo tibba is thought to represent Lord Indra’s heavenly throne in Hindu mythology. It has huge numbers of flora and fauna which make the trek more stunning. It is abundant in medicinal herbs that treat illnesses.The season from May-October is the best time to visit.In the Manali region, there is a stunning trip called Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek. You pass through luscious pine, spruce, fir, oak, and silver birch forests surrounded by a stunning environment. Trekkers can take in breathtaking views of numerous snow-capped summits, including Jagatsukh Peak, Norbu Peak, and Deo Tibba (6001 m) (5050m). The most spectacular part of a journey is the Chotta Chandrataal lake, which is located at the base of Deo Tibba summit.


Things to carry deo tibba trek.

  1. Two pairs of trousers.
  2. Two pairs of short pants 
  3. Two wool jumpers (light wt.)
  4. Sun cap 
  5. A umbrella
  6. Sunglasses 
  7. A pair of gloves
  8. A camera
  9. A notebook with paper and a pen 
  10. Water bottle 
  11. Daypack
  12. Toiletries 
  13. Torch
  14. Power bank
  15. Walking boots or trekking shoes.
  16. First air box
  17. Small towel
  18. Sleeping bag liner
  19. Dry fruits
  20. Extra batteries
  21. First aid kit 


How to reach 

The Deo Tibba Trek is situated in the district of Kullu in the Himachal Pradesh state.You can go there by 3 ways air road, train, and air.

  1. By train: Since Pathankot is the closest station, you can travel there by train from there.
  2. By air:- you can land in Bhuntar airport. It is 52km away from Manali.
  3. By road:- This is best for the closest visitors. They can drive to the pathankot.

Reason to do deo tibba trek.

This have beautiful view of nature and Himalaya peak. The 2nd highest peak of the mountain named pir panjal is deo tibba. It starts from Manali. It is said that the deity and goddess congregate atop Deo Tibba. You can go to the peak via climbing but you should be well experienced. As per mountaineering field this is the best starting for beginners.Its peak is blunt rather than pointy, and a snow dome forms above it, adding to its beauty. It features beautiful scenery that will draw people in and inspire beginners to go on additional excursions. It is the most challenging trek present in Manali.It features a thick forest with a variety of exotic plants, including birches, oaks, firs, pines, and spruces.

Best season to visit Deo tibba trek

The ideal time to visit this walk is from mid-May to late-October.You can enjoy fully the Beauty of the nature. You can see snow in the season of mid-December to mid-June.

Level of difficulty of dei tibba trek

This trek’s level of difficulty is simple to moderate, making it doable for beginners. But in order to finish this adventure, you’ll need extra strength, so get ready in advance.

Myths about the deo tibba trek

It is used to be believed that it is the gathering place of God and goddess. The dome shaped peak which is covered by snow od deo tibba is the place where the god sit, thus it is named as Deo Tibba:- deo means god’s and Tibba means Hill. Here the king of heaven and the god gather together and do meeting with them by his throne which is the Indrasan peak.


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