First steps to learn SEO techniques

SEO can be a great way to make your business grow on the internet. Discover the first steps to take.


The digital scenario has been evolving more and more each day. A lot of customers use social media to sell and provide their products and services. Although, a website can offer credibility to your business, attracting new clients.


However, if you want your website to achieve relevance and remain important to Google, you must improve it. That’s why several companies hire an SEO specialist. SEO is the main strategy to make your website appear on the first page of Google search results without paying for it. This way you show the search tool the relevance of your business.


But SEO is not an easy process. It’s a long term-strategy that can take some time for the results to appear. Check out some tips and the first steps to make and how to apply an SEO strategy in your business.


Besides being a strategy, SEO is operational as well. So you must practice to succeed. You can create a backup website to test and evaluate the results. It is important to configure the website so that users may easily navigate it. This is important to the user experience, as well for Google, which sees it as a website where users can find what they need.


While you are practicing, you can create a blog on your website. Customers are increasingly looking for companies that match their values and are useful. The blog is an opportunity to work on your marketing, explaining how to use your services and products and convincing the users to buy them. Besides that, it shows a concern for your clients, as you are taking the time to show the product’s value to them.


A blog is also a way to rank your website on Google. People have a lot of doubts about a lot of things, and your blog may offer the answers, creating traffic to your website and making it a reference on the subject. It is important to use keywords related to your business and the article’s subject.

Optimize your website

After creating your website and blog, you must optimize it following Google’s standards. You can use tools to do that, but it must be planned. Choose keywords that are pertinent to users and have a strong chance of ranking well so that Google can promote your material to users who conduct searches connected to your industry. The technological configuration of the website is also crucial for improved performance.

Cross-link your articles

You can also include backlinks to your websites in various articles on relevant subjects. Therefore, if your reader wants more information about that topic or any other, they can find the answers on your website, generating more traffic and showing more relevance for Google. It turns your page into a resource for the internet, and ranks the website higher on Google Search Results page.

Link Building

Another way to elevate your website is by working with Link Building. This SEO strategy consists of publishing backlinks of your websites to others websites, like a recommendation. However, many websites offer this as a paid service.


Google considers your website to be relevant when it discovers that another website is linked to your content or merchandise. The website you want to publish the hyperlink on has to be evaluated. It must not be a potentially dangerous page that could ruin your plans and website.



By Khizar Akhtar

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