Highlight on Blue World City Top Amenities and Features

Blue World City

Blue World City is a trending housing project that is getting the attention of many people for various reasons. It is the first tourist-built city developed in Islamabad with the purpose of boosting tourism in the city. There are many major highlights about Blue World City that people should know; therefore, we are writing this article to help you better know the top amenities and features of this society. So, let’s get to know some major highlights together without delay.

Blue World City Amenities

This is the first real estate society that will be developed on international standards with world-class facilities and amenities. The amenities you will find here will not be available anywhere else. In addition, the city is going to feature the best tourist attractions. So, let’s discuss them one by one in detail. 

BWC Burj Al Arab 

The developers of the Blue World City are going to build a replica of the Burj Al Arab in the society. Although it won’t be as tall as the original one, it will be a replica of the original one in all ways. Blue World City Burj al Arab will feature all the amenities and facilities with offices and entertainment centers. The height of this great structure will be 300 feet. In addition, the corporate office of the developers will also be a part of that structure.

The grounding ceremony of the Burj Al Arab was held in 2020. It means that the development of this structure is at a rapid pace in society. So, after the development, the overall property value increases. It is the right time to invest in society. Don’t look at the current property value; instead, look at the future value of the property that will give you a high return on your investment. 

Horse Mascot Structures

The second highlight of this article is the development of the tallest horse mascot structures in the BWC Islamabad. Blue World City horse mascot structure will be the replica of the genuine Falkirk, Scotland Kelpies. These mascots reflect the significance of Scottish culture. Many tourists travel to Scotland to witness these beautiful structures. So, by considering the interest of the tourists, the Blue World City developers have introduced a replica of these structures. 

The vision for the development of horse mascot structures is to convert the Blue World City Islamabad into a tourist destination. Green and Blue lights will illuminate the overall structure and attract people to see these mascots. They will illuminate at night, and people can also see the illusions from a distant location. 

Pakistan’s Largest Cricket Stadium

Blue World City will develop Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium, the biggest development in the city and the country. Although there are two cricket stadiums in Karachi and Lahore, BWC will break the records of all already present stadiums in the country. It is why developers plan to build the stadium with a capacity of 55,000 spectators. 

Moreover, the stadium will also have the largest parking capacity, so more traffic can be handled. The development of this stadium shows how Blue World City will be a big name in the future with all the facilities and amenities that attract investors and tourists. 

Second Cup Coffee

The next main highlight of the Blue World City amenities is the development of the coffee cup in society. The outlet of the second cup is under the tallest horse mascot structures. The developers already open one outlet of the second cup in a special ceremony where well-renowned investors worldwide are included. 

As we know, coffee is the favorite of many people, and they love to have it all over the world. So, the developers have made it easy for tourists and residents to enjoy the biggest horse mascot structures and have a coffee with their loved ones. Blue world city second cup coffee is the best addition to the Master Plan.

Blue World City Water Theme Park

Blue World City Islamabad intends to build a world-class water theme park to increase tourism in the area. This park will have the necessary facilities to give visitors a memorable experience. The fastest progress is anticipated for this project, which is regarded as being the most crucial component of BWC Rawalpindi.

Mr. Hamza Amir, the director of BWC, claims that this initiative would boost Pakistan’s economy while providing job possibilities for its citizens. As a result, Pakistan draws significant foreign investment and expands its economic sector. Let’s look at some of this incredible entertainment project’s key characteristics.

The features of the Blue World City water theme park are as follows:

  • 70,000 sq. meters area
  • Children Play Area
  • Restaurants
  • Top quality, modern slides for children
  • The steep curves offer a feeling of delight and thrill

Rumi Square

Last but not least, the highlight of the Blue World City is the development of Rumi Square. A 13th-century philosopher of Persian, saint, and poet, Jalal-ud-Din transformed the concept of wisdom and knowledge through his distinct approach and style. A statue honoring this great personality is being built in a significant area of Blue World. The spiritual aura this 70-foot-tall, night-lit artwork emits will fascinate the visitors.

Final Thought

In the article, we discussed the major highlights of the Blue World City that attract investors, locals, and tourists from around the globe. Society is best from all perspectives, either from an investment point of view or for living purposes. In this society, you will get all the benefits and all the facilities under one umbrella. So, without a second thought, invest in this society and get all the benefits at once. Moreover, you can also consider the option of investing in Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi, the next best housing venture in the Twin Cities. So, call or visit any real estate dealer now and book your desired plot. 

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