Hire a Realtor to buy Your First Home

Are you buying your first home in Calgary? If so, you’re probably as nervous as many other first-time home buyers who begin on the road toward home ownership. You’re probably also very excited to have reached a point in life where buying your first property is, or will soon be a reality. You should be!

Why not let an experienced Realtor worry about the nerve-racking details for you so that you can focus on all the excitement involved in buying your very first home? “But it costs me more,” is what many first-timers will say. Almost always, that isn’t the case at all!

Don’t make the same mistakes that many first-time home buyers make; hire an expert Realtor right away and also know the realtor fees.

Do First-Time Buyers Pay for a REALTOR?

In most transactions, the home seller compensates both their Realtor (listing agent) and yours, the buyer’s Realtor (selling agent). Sometimes, in some transactions, a listing agent may also be the selling agent, but this doesn’t typically happen.

At the end of the day it’s up to the home seller if they want to provide commission to your Realtor as a first-time home buyer, and how much per se. But not to worry, as many home sellers will offer the same commission to the buyer’s agent as they do to their own agent to incentivize the sale of their home.

In rare cases a home buyer may enter into a contractual agreement with their Realtor where the fee is specified. In this instance, if the compensation by the home seller to your Realtor is not the same as the amount given to their own, then either you can make up the difference or (in most cases) it can be requested from the seller.

Once again, this rarely happens. That’s because the cost of commission is almost always already factored into the price of a home. Nevertheless, as a first-time home buyer in Calgary it’s important to discuss and break-down the commission for your Realtor so that you understand fully before proceeding with a purchase.

Your Own Expert Guide

As a first-time home buyer specialist and Realtor in Calgary, it’s important to know that I will be there to assist you every step of the way – from start to finish.

I have nearly 15 years of experience in helping first time buyers accomplish their property goals. I have intimate knowledge of the residential housing market and a vast network of industry connections to streamline your first-time home purchase. I also pride myself on providing the best client service.

It doesn’t matter how many questions you have about your first time purchasing experience, I am here to answer them all take care of all the details for you.

After Closing a Deal

After we find the right home for you, there are several other steps required to make sure that it’s the right one. This includes:

  • Home inspections
  • Mortgage approvals
  • Condo document review(for condo buyers)
  • Any other terms negotiated in the purchasing contract

These are typically also called “conditions” which must be met with satisfactory results if the sale is to go through. When this happens, then we move forward with the sale and look forward to possession day.

There are also several other arrangements such as those with real estate lawyers, insurance and utility companies that are typically required to move forward with your purchase. I will be there to help you with those details every step of the way.

If you need trustworthy and reliable third-party professionals such as a mortgage specialist, real estate lawyer or perhaps condo document expert, I can provide contacts for you!

After you’re moved in, I will keep in touch with you and always be available to answer any further questions you might have about real estate. My business is built on relationships and want my clients to be as happy as can be both during and after their first-time home buying experience.

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