How Has Laser Hair Removal Changed the Beauty Industry?

Beauty and aesthetics are two dominant factors we want to incorporate into our lives. Since the start of civilisation, women have significantly invested in beauty products and grooming, in general. Among these practices, hair removal is a worth-mentioning technique common for unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal Greenwich is a new finding which has surfaced and gained immense popularity in the last decade. This method is entirely different from all the known traditional hair removal techniques and is a near-to-permanent solution for unwanted hair.

There is nothing wrong with having body hair, but for people who like to enjoy and flaunt their hair-free skin, laser hair treatments are optimal for reduction and removal. The laser technology focuses on the hair follicles that cause hair growth instead of plucking or shaving hairs, as most traditional hair removal methods do.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Treatment Work?

Traditionally-known hair removal procedures include shaving, waxing, plucking, threading, sugaring, and depilatory creams. These methods simply shave or pluck the hair shaft at skin surface level or from the follicle. Hence, they only offer a temporary solution to unwanted hairs, and hair growth starts again before one can enjoy a carefree life.

But, with laser hair removal solution, getting rid of unwanted body hairs is possible. This method targets the follicle by releasing a laser light that the melanin in our hairs absorbs and takes toward the follicle. The laser induces unbearable heat energy that painlessly destroys the hair follicle. Resultantly, the follicle is unable to produce hair.

This procedure is carried out in multiple sittings, an average of 4 to 6. The reason behind this is that almost 20 percent of our body follicles are in the growth phase, and laser cannot target the hairs that haven’t fully grown.

Thus, multiple sittings are optimal for desired results to ensure that the targeted body area is hair-free. Another significant thing about this treatment is its non-invasive nature, which means it is completely safe, and one does not have to worry about potential side effects.

A Revolution in The Aesthetic World

Body hair removal has become equally important for men and women. Like women, men show equal interest in beauty products and aesthetic services to enhance their physical appearances. Laser hair removal has revolutionised the aesthetic and beauty world with various benefits.

They seek a permanent hair removal and reduction solution, and hair eradication with laser technology offers the most effective results in this regard. It is suitable for almost any part of the body. However, commonly targeted body areas include; arms, legs, shoulders, neck, chest, back, face, and bikini area.

Since melanin is the hero of this process, as it absorbs the laser beam, this treatment is most effective on people with dark-coloured body hair. However, the broad range of skin tones and hair texture this treatment covers make it one of a kind in the entire aesthetic industry.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure: Do’s and Don’ts 

It is understood that the treatment spans f 4 to 6 treatment sessions, depending upon hair growth and skin’s response to the laser technology. These sessions happen every three to four weeks, and a person is only allowed to shave body hair in between. This is because a laser cannot remove hairs where the follicles are already cleared out. Thus, shaving is the only hair removal method allowed to clients.

After getting two to three sessions, noticeable hair reduction is visible. As the treatment continues, the hair shaft becomes weaker and thinner with passing time. After completion of treatment, the target area is allegedly hair-free.

Applying sunscreen is crucial to protect the skin from sun damage and other factors. Complete follow-up guidance can help you understand the Dos and Don’ts after this laser hair removal procedure.

What Makes Laser Hair Reduction a Versatile Solution?

One of the reasons this treatment has earned a reputation as a versatile treatment in the aesthetic market is because of its visibly strong results and broader coverage. Traditional methods like shaving and waxing are highly uncomfortable and painful, especially on specific body areas with softer skin.

In addition, shaving makes the hair shaft seem thicker because of the angle the blade cuts the strands. Another common issue with both these methods include increase in the ingrown hair that further give rise to clogged pores and infections due to excess sweating and debris. Shaving cuts are yet another turn-off of shaving that men and women both understand.

Laser hair removal technology simply takes out the hair without irritating or hurting the skin surface. The follicles are put in a state of inactivity where they lose their ability to produce hair naturally. The treatment is entirely bearable, but since pain perception is individual, every person may react differently to the procedure.

For convenience, aesthetic and beauty salons usually use numbing creams to facilitate their customers and provide a pain-free experience. Thus, pain should be the least of your worries while considering this treatment.

A Greater Deal of Ease 

Laser hair removal Greenwich is undoubtedly a clear convenience for people who avail of it. If a person wants to stick to traditional hair removal practices, he has to forget practicality. For traditional methods like waxing, booking a timely appointment before an event or function is a chore. Moreover, managing work and social life is hard with everyone’s busy life routines. Worry about salon appointments should be the least of your worries.

As far as shaving is in question, one cannot shave his back or body areas that are not easily accessible. So, opting for laser hair removal is the best choice anyone can make to add ease in life.

With permanent hair reduction and removal, there is no need left for quick salon visits. Live life at your own pace and enjoy your hair-free skin. Meridian Spa offers laser hair removal packages at affordable rates to its customers with effective services.



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