How To Attach Fold Down Desk On Murphy Bed

How To Attach Fold Down Desk On Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed, often referred to as a wall bed, pull down or fold-down bed can be used in your bedroom or living room. It’s very convenient when you need extra space because it folds down and out of sight in seconds. The bed is also very easy to use since you pull it down and push it up again when you need the room back. But as most Murphy beds do not come with a desk, if that’s what you want from your bed, you’ll have to get creative and build one on your own.

Attach Fold Down Desk On Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed is a type of bed that can be folded up against the wall and out of the way. If you are trying to add a workspace, you have a few options for how to attach a fold-down desk to your Murphy bed.

  1. Attach it with tracks like brackets: This is by far the easiest method but also has some disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that if you want more than one piece of furniture attached at various heights, then this option will not work for you.
  2. Attach it using brackets and bolts: There are many different types of frames available for attaching furniture onto the backside of your Murphy bed.

Tools you need

To attach a folding table top, you’ll need a drill, a tape measure and some screws.

Measure the width of your desk to know how long the screw should be.

Drill pilot holes in the back of your tabletop and then screw the screws in. You must make sure they are screwed in tight enough so that they don’t come loose with time.

Materials you need

  1. Murphy Bed
  2. Slide-out Desk Kit
  3. Slides and Hardware Kit (based on the size of your desk)
  4. Screws, bolts, and washers (based on the size of your desk)
  5. Drill with a small drill bit for pilot holes

Prepare Folding Bed

The first step is preparing the folding bed. It would be best if you made sure the frame is strong enough for your weight and that you have a sturdy, flat surface for the desk. After that, you need to measure the height of your work surface so you can purchase a piece of plywood or particle board that will be long enough and wide enough for your work surface. The last thing you need before attaching anything is to cut wood with a circular saw if necessary.

Attach Desk Frame Part 1

  1. Attach Desk Frame Part 1 Open and unpack the frame and hardware from its package. Lay the frame pieces flat, with the two long sides facing each other and the middle crossbar in between. Insert one of the metal brackets into each of the holes at either end of the crossbar, ensuring that they are facing in opposite directions. Screw them together by turning one bracket’s screw clockwise while turning the other bracket’s screw counter-clockwise.

Insert an L-shaped metal bracket into each hole at either end of both short side rails, again making sure that they are oriented in opposite directions when screwed together and tightened.

Attach Desk Frame Part 3 Section

Drill a hole near the top of your desk frame, where the screws will go in for securing the hinges. This is usually just below where you want your hinge to be secured.

Put the bolts through this hole and place a washer and nut on them so they’ll tighten into place when tightened with a screwdriver. You might need a wrench or pliers for this step, depending on what type of bolt you are using – make sure it’s snug so there is no possibility of the hinge falling out of place later on!

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