How To Charge A Laptop Battery Without A Laptop

how to a charge laptop battery without a laptop

There will be occasions where your battery will be dead and your laptop will not charge.  learn how to a charge laptop battery without a laptop. It is crucial to understand how to charge your laptop battery with no laptop.

There are two ways to achieve this:


  • External charging using an AC adapter
  • The battery can be charged using a different laptop


Complete Guide How to Charge a Laptop Battery Without a Laptop




Charging A Battery Externally

A variety of laptop batteries are able to be connected to an external charger for charging.

Check your adapter to see if it is able to charge the laptop’s battery. It is essential to ensure that the pins connect.

Laptop battery manufacturers manufacture laptop batteries in various ways. They can be charged via adapters.

This method is only applicable to laptop batteries which are DETACHABLE. Laptop batteries inside work differently. External chargers aren’t readily accessible for them.


Advantage Of Externally Rechargeable Battery

This option is ideal for those who want to ensure that their laptops remain powered up, no matter if they are having issues with their laptop’s charger or power source.

It’s always recommended to keep an additional laptop battery in your bag just in case you’ll need these batteries.

It’s essential that your laptop is equipped with an adequate battery that is able to be charged without the need to connect it. If you’re out on the road but don’t have access charging facilities, you may charge an extra battery while you work with your computer. It could take a few days to recharge your laptop when the charger has been damaged or lost. Learn how to reset airpods and airpods pro.


Identifying Laptop Model

You must have the details regarding your laptop before you go to the site of the vendor.

The information is in the user manual that came along with your laptop. There is also details about the laptop on the control panel or beneath the cover of the bottom plate. Love working on solidwork application check best laptops for solidworks.

System Information

It is possible that the MODEL code of the laptop might not be included in the system’s information. However, you can do the steps below.


Windows 7 allows you to quickly access your system’s information by clicking My Computer in the start menu, then choosing Property.

It is also possible to find this information by using the system details in your control panel.


Click to open Control Panel from the start menu.

Click on the System and Security. This will launch the System Information Panel.


After you have verified the information, you’ll now in a position to visit the website of the vendor and purchase an updated AC charger connector, or batteries that is compatible with your specifications.


Using A Laptop To Charge The Battery


If you’ve tried all of these methods but didn’t get results, this may be the final option.

A different laptop that has the same model as your laptop is necessary. If you don’t own a similar laptop or are traveling then this might not be an alternative.

My personal opinion is that connecting the AC adapter to the laptop’s USB port is the most efficient method of charging the laptop’s battery. A second battery is an excellent idea to have in your bag to ensure that you can charge your battery while running your laptop.


What Are Internal Batteries?


The most recent laptop models come with internal batteries that are not removable. They are light and thin, which means they could replace removable ones.

If you own any of the laptops then you’ll need a second computer to power it.


A laptop that is functional is essential or you’ll require a lot of knowledge about the repair and opening of laptop battery. This is something only experts with experience can handle.

Additionally, you will require tools and equipment to de-solder and open the batteries to recharge them using a dedicated charger. It’s about the same cost as a laptop that is budget-friendly.


If you’re an experienced, and are able to take the battery out while creating an object that is the same power and current rating then you may be able to charge the laptop battery.


We strongly suggest against taking out internal batteries without assistance from a professional. It’s dangerous to experiment with the batteries. Learn how to fix a laptop charger that won’t charge.




There are two methods to charge laptop batteries. It is necessary to remove the battery cell from your laptop and recharge them in separate.

This is a potentially dangerous and complicated technique which we wouldn’t recommend. This is particularly true if aren’t a great knowledge of electronic devices.

Batteries can be risky. There are a myriad of warnings about batteries. It’s not a great idea to play with them without knowing the basics.

If nothing else works, we suggest you consult an skilled technician.

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