How to Choose the Best Suit For Your Body Type

Do you believe that men don’t have to think as much when choosing a perfect formal outfit compared to women? Believe it or not, a well-fitting suit is no easy feat, particularly considering the wide range of male body types.


When your options for formalwear are restricted to the same few designs that every other man wears, it becomes even more crucial that every component be right for your height and body type, which is why gents’ tailors remain in high demand.


It’s true that men don’t tend to have curves like women do, but there are still four main body types to consider. We’ll look at geometric forms as our guides. Follow these tips to learn more about your body type and how to choose better-fitting suits.

Determine your body type

Your body type is a major factor in how clothes fit you. Although every man is uniquely individual, there are a few basic body types that most of them fall into. Look at the outline of your torso to determine your shape. You’re either a rectangle, inverted triangle, triangle, or oval body type.


Know that there is no such thing as an undesirable body type. You can only dress unflatteringly and accentuate your problem areas. The most flattering silhouette may be achieved by utilizing suit tailoring services. A smart and experienced tailor can measure you and figure out the best fit for your needs and transform even the worst-looking suit.


If your shoulder breadth is similar to your hip width, you have a balanced, rectangular physique. 


If you are blessed with that body type, you will find that most ready-to-wear items will flatter your figure. You should take a look at the list of the 11 sorts of suits for men and we guarantee you you’ll look amazing in most if not all of them. 


One of our style tips is to consider buying pants with slightly wider legs. You don’t want the object to be disproportionately broad at the top and narrow at the bottom.

Inverted Triangle

Highly disproportionate and challenging to clothe, the muscular physique is typical of gym bros. While men with a muscular build don’t need much in the way of definition, many of them struggle with staying proportionate. 


Shoulder padding should be avoided at all costs, as well as tight pants, but a double-breasted cut might help you hide your larger chest area. 


Choose a shirt size that allows for comfortable movement around the arms and shoulders. You may save yourself a lot of headaches by investing in custom-tailored shirts if you have a hard time finding a style that works without being excessively baggy in other areas.


It’s important to emphasize your shoulders and stir attention away from your dad belly.


The single-breasted jacket is essential, as is its ability to provide the illusion of a trimmer waist. In order to avoid being overly baggy in the shoulders and too tight in the waist, a custom-tailored jacket is the way to go. Avoid going for huge shoulder pads, as they will make the suit jacket seem overly big and likely dangle beyond the edge of the natural shoulder line.


Wider trouser legs, such as those seen on straight-leg dress pants, will make you seem more proportional and well-supported. Also, stripes are very complementary to this figure, both horizontal and vertical.



If your midsection is kind of the same size as your shoulders and hip area, you are an oval type. You will look great in a suit with a standard cut. Think it over, try on a few various sizes, and choose the one that feels best to you. 


It shouldn’t be too roomy, and it shouldn’t be too small, either. The ideal fit will leave a finger or two of space between the garment and your skin. Mid-rise pants will work best, and they will also complement the elegance of a wide-collared shirt. Fabrics with stripes or solid colors are recommended.


Knowing your body type will help you while shopping not only for formal clothes but also for more casual fits. Whether you’re a rectangle, inverted triangle, triangle, or oval, we hope that you’ll find a perfect suit without much hassle.

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