Instructions On How to Draw A Cape Easily

Cape Drawing

How to Draw A Cape. Cloaks are garments that have dropped out of favour in current years. They were once worn by the rich and noble but are now typically only worn on fancy special occasions or by movie superheroes or vampires.

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Although they are no longer worn by ordinary people these days, they are still highly recognizable as they are worn in so many films and other forms of media. Designing your cape can be a wonderful way to relive the dignity associated with that outfit, and knowing how to draw a cape is great. If you want to do it, you’re in the right tutorial!

How to Draw A Cape

Step 1

The garment that we will draw in this tutorial on how to draw a cloak is a fantasy garment that appears to be worn by a mysterious wizard. The coat has a high, wide collar and some rounded shoulder straps. We will draw the beginning of both elements in this first manual step.

Use some curved stripes for the flanks of the high collar that fan out outwards, then add some fold lines to the inside centre of the collar. This is how you can tauten the shoulder place on the left. It will be almost a tortoiseshell shape with a thin rim and rounded top. Once this has been drawn, continue to step 2!

Step 2

To continue this cloak design, let’s draw the other shoulder pad and buckles on the front of the cloak. The other shoulder pad goes to the right and appears slightly smaller than the previous one to show perspective. Next, we draw the brackets.

These look whimsical, with a little swirl on the insides and curved lines like wings on the outsides. That’s all for now. So if you are ready, we can move on to step 3 of the guide.

Step 3

Now that you’ve completed the collar and clasps, we’ll start adding the cloak material in this step of our how-to draw a cloaked guide. Draw some curved lines for the left side of the cloak and make it look a little wavy to give it more flow.

Then you can make it look flowy by adding slightly curved lines inside the fabric. You can then draw the other side of the mantle in the following few steps.

Step 4

The left side of this cloak design was hanging fairly straight in a fairly static fashion, and in this step, we’re going to depict the right side as flowing outward. First, draw a curved, wavy line at a flat angle from the canopy of the cape.

Next, draw more curved lines near the base of the left side of the cloak. This middle section will have some square sections, as shown in the reference image. An empty section is left in the cloak, but we’ll fill it in along with all the final details in the next step of the guide!

Step 5

You can now finish the drawing in this fifth step of our how to draw a cloaked guide. In this step, you will add the rest of the cape along with all the final details. With a few more curved lines, you can add the cape’s final section to connect the cape’s two sides fully.

Draw A Cape

Once these are drawn, you can add any details or ideas! There are many cool ideas that you could try, and one of those ideas would be to draw someone wearing a cape. Who do you think this cape would suit? You could even design more extravagant wallpaper or clothing, so how will you finish it?

Step 6

You have now come to the final step of this cape design! This last step is to finish with some eye-catching colours. Our reference image used some nice rich tones to complement it. We used darker tones for the inside of the coat and then lighter ones for the outer edges and collar.

Cape Drawing

So we added colour contrast by tinting the clasps with gold. These are the colours we chose, but while you can choose these colours, feel free to use any other colour you prefer! So it’s just a matter of choosing the artistic tools and media that best suit that image.

Your Cape Drawing is Finished!

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