How to Draw a Demon – Easy Drawing For Kids

How to Draw a Demon

How to Draw a Demon. Demons have a bad reputation, but they’re not that bad! Granted, that might not be true, as they are the epitome of evil in many cultures, but their designs in many forms of media can be pretty cool! These evil beings appear everywhere, from album covers to literary and cinematic works.

Due to its unique appearance, it can also be entertaining to know how to draw a demon. If you are looking for 3d drawing, drawing for kids, cartoons drawing, animals drawing and many more, then you are at the right place.

Drawing a Demon

Step 1:

To start this guide on drawing a demon, we will first use a pencil to draw some basic outlines. These will come in handy as you add details and items in the next steps. Using your pencil, refer closely to the reference image to draw the outlines of the demon’s body and head.

You can also add curved lines underneath the base, which we will draw later. Once you’re happy with how the outline looks, you can add the face and horns we have in our reference image. He looks mean and angry and is ready for the next step!

Step 2:

In this part of drawing your demon, we will continue to fine-tune its body details. Using your pen, you can start to go over the pencil lines of his shoulders and arms. Using our reference image as a guide, you’ll refine some details of the arms and muscles as you draw. You can draw lines for his chest once you are done with his arms.

Step 3:

You’ve worked on the top half of your drawing in this guide on how to draw a demon, and for the next step, we’ll be working on the bottom half. You can draw over the pencil lines of his legs at this stage. As you did in the previous steps, you will add smaller details to the legs as you draw. As you can visit, removing it with your pencil first allows a lot!

Step 4:

For this part of your demon drawing, we are going to create a base for it. That base will be a pile of skulls, a situation I’m sure we can all relate to. Using a pen, draw a few simple skulls under the demon to make it its base.

You can also use your pencil for this step, then go over it with your pen when you’re happy. Also, draw him a twisted tail before continuing! Once you’ve drawn this base, you can work out the final details in the next step.

Step 5:

How to Draw a Demon

This fifth part of our guide to drawing a demon will attempt to add a few final details before moving on to coloring. You can start by adding many little lines on her legs for more detail. Next, draw thick shading between the skulls to give them more definition. Finally, you can erase all the pencil lines from step one if you haven’t done so already. That will suffice for the details of this guide, but the drawing doesn’t have to stop there!

Before you finish, you can add a few details and items of your choice to complete it! Perhaps you could draw a fire background behind this demon to complete the scene. You can also lure fearsome monsters behind him to create a monstrous following for your demon! Be certain to be innovative and have fun while you complete this drawing. We can’t wait to see what weird and wonderful ideas you come up with!

Step 6:

How to Draw a Demon

This last step of your demon drawing will be to add colors to your artwork to bring it to life. For our image, we used a deep red for the demon and balanced it with some gray for the horns and skulls. It is only one way to do it, but it’s a step where you can get creative and express yourself with your color choices! Once you know what colors to use for your drawing, you can experiment with cool art tools and media.

You can use certain mediums, such as acrylic paints and colored pens, to bring out the colors for a more intense color look. For a more subdued look, you can play around with crayons and crayons for a more subtle look. What will you employ to get your monster to energy with paint?

Make your demon drawing even better.

Create a scary picture with these pictures for your monster drawing! This drawing of a demon we created in this guide has a classic look with red skin and large horns. You can accentuate or change some of these details to make it even more gruesome! For example, you can make the horns bigger or give him an angry expression. These are just two examples, but there are many methods to create it even more unique and spooky. Another way to make this image more interesting would be to add a pet or familiar for the demon. These could be real animals, such as snakes or lizards, often associated with evil.

Or, you can add a skeletal being or gargoyle for the demon to have as a pet. You might even want to create a new creature for this demon to have on his side! What small animals would you want to count on the scene? Once you master this demonic drawing, you can add other demonic creations to the scene. These could be placed alongside to make the scene more complete. It would be a challenge to see what fun designs and poses you can come up with! These other demons could also have classic designs or look more unusual. How do you think this demon’s friends might be?

We’ve kept the background decor for this demon sketch a bit vague, but you can add it to make it even cooler! For now, the only background detail is the demon sitting on a mound of skulls. It looks awesome, but you can add equally gruesome items and accessories around it. If you wanted a full background, you could add volcanoes or seas of lava behind the demon. What type of environment do you think the demon might be in?

Your demon drawing is complete!

With the final details drawn and colors added, you’ve completed this guide to drawing a demon! Seeing this cool design might seem hard to draw, but that makes for a great drawing guide. When you split it down into easier stages, it can be so considerably easier and better enjoyable. Now that’s done, you can continue having fun adding your details and elements.

Whether he draws a cool background for himself or adds a few more demon friends for him in the background, we can’t wait to see what creative touches he comes up with. When you’re ready to have more fun drawing, you can visit us on our website! We have tons of awesome drawing guides for you to enjoy, and we upload new ones frequently. We’d love to see your finished demon drawing.

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