How to Get More Views on Instagram Stories (the Right Way)

Stories on Instagram are pieces of content with just 24 hours of life pan. If you wish to stay stories for a long time, always add them to the highlights of your great Instagram views account.

IG app allows you to share videos and images daily, but not more than 100. After Snapchat, Instagram stories appeared, and from that time, it has become a vital part of Instagram.

Why Instagram stories are essential?

Several people are attracted to Instagram stories per day, and thus your brand needs stories because of the best social media approach.

Indeed, approximately one-third of Instagram stories link to a business. Of course, feed content has more appeal, but IG stories have their own importance for brands. Let’s clarify the value of IG stories and why it is helpful to you.

  • Keep engaged your audience

Stories offer you a better chance to understand your users and what they feel and like because you can directly ask them. Besides, they are a perfect way to approach an audience without hurdles.

  • Quick feedback

great Instagram views

Stories are a better option to get the fast opinion of an audience if you have a unique idea about products or some other you want to launch. Don’t miss this chance to see the response of your audience.

  • More transparent and approachable

Every business tries to approach its audience, and daily interaction offers you a convenient approach to getting them. More interaction means more traffic for your content or products.

  • Boost engagement

Instagram offers you different personal feeds and, of course, your followers want to see them first. A metric ‘most show feed’ was recently added to Instagram to ensure these concepts.

User Interactions are signals, and the Instagram app regularly ranks different posts according to them. More posts will engage more audiences, and you cannot ignore them. 

How can increase views through Instagram stories?

However, there are different ways to increase Instagram story views. But avoid using inorganic ways to increase views because they are just temporary. There are a few significant ways to support you in extending the views of your Instagram story.

  • Describe the story

People always attract to well-organized narratives like good movies or books. Therefore, you need to generate an Instagram story that looks like a story. Always include the following points in your IG story.

  • Start
  • Middle
  • End part

Well-organized stories can attract and keep a user engaged. Besides, Instagram offers you multiple features. So, use these features to create good content.

For creating the best narrating story, you need to use a storyboard because it will offer you an outline for a rough story. Write all the drafts on the storyboard before posting your story content. Your IG stories should have consistency not only design-wise but conceptually too.

  • Add caption in your stories

While filming videos, don’t forget to add captions because most users scroll down stories without audio features. Without captions, people will miss your segment regardless if you have quality content. Besides, story captions ensure it will approach the maximum audience. However, if you do not want to add captions with every line, try adding a summary at the end.

  • Add hashtags

The hashtags have the same approach for Instagram stories as feeds, and they improve access and visibility. However, feed posts offer you thirty hashtags, but IG stories have ten hashtags.

great Instagram views

Besides, the hashtag concept for stories has the same strategies as feed posts. First, understand your audience and select mixed hashtags that match your content theme.

  • Keep engaged your audience

Audience engagement is a priority for Instagram stories. Thus, try to post everything that can attract them. Besides, you need to ensure content consistency with the relevant theme of your content.

For an active connection, you can use stickers on your Instagram story. There are various stickers for an engaging audience. Included stickers are quizzes, Poll stickers, questions, and countdown stickers.

  • Reply to every message

When you get any reply to your story, make sure to quickly responds. The primary intent of the Instagram story is to create a strong connection and interaction with your audience. Besides, it will support your users to send you more replies.

  • Story Shoutouts

When you get a response from your customer regularly on your content, you should re-share their response in your Instagram story. However, it cannot increase views for IG stories but can encourage a new audience to connect with you. By regularly doing this action, you can approach more audiences.

  • Begin with a powerful hook

Begin your story with a powerful hook. Many people don’t provide attention to their content, particularly its start. To catch more attention from users, always begin with some exciting clicks.

  • Ask more questions
  • Add debatable statement
  • Add communicating stickers

All these strategies will support to attract more users to your post

  • Add location

In your hashtags, add location tags to attract a local audience that always tries to approach your content. It is a superb way to grasp user attention for your products because people attract to the location of your content if they are around that.

  • Stick with consistency

To create dynamic engagement with your audience, bring consistency to your Instagram story. Schedule your own consistency for IG stories, and stick with it whether you want to post a single story or three posts daily.

Final verdict:

Thus, Instagram stories are a powerful feature of this app to build a strong connection with your users. They will not increase engagement but improve visibility with quick feedback from your audience. However, these incredible ways are not new. Creativity can increase the essence of your content.

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