How to Get Over Fear of Roller Coasters?

How to Get Over Fear of Roller Coasters

Fear of Roller Coasters is a topic I read about many times but I never really understood it. My mind was always trying to figure out “what to do” and “how to help”. When I saw this book for the first time, I thought that someone definitely got over the fear of roller coasters (please notice the word “over”). So, let’s see how it went with this person and if we can use some of these tips to help someone else.

Accept Your Fear

Recognize your fear and accept it as part of being human. There is nothing wrong with being afraid; we all feel fear on occasion. Fear is an emotion that prepares us to respond quickly to danger. Most of the time, fear keeps us safe from harm, but sometimes it can be overwhelming and paralyzing when it prevents us from doing something we want to do or need to do.

Life would have been a roller coaster ride if

Go on an easier ride first.

If you’re just starting out with roller coasters, it’s probably best to start with something that isn’t as intense or fast-paced as some of the bigger ones out there. Some parks even have smaller kiddie rides that will let you experience the feeling without making you go upside down or at high speeds. Once you’ve gotten used to that, it’s easier to move up in class and try bigger rides without feeling scared out of your mind.

Practice Being Brave

One way for you to get over your fear is by practicing being brave in other situations first. For example, if you are afraid of flying, then try taking a flight and see how it goes. If you are afraid of heights, try standing on top of something high up like a ladder or scaffolding, and then climbing down slowly while holding onto it tightly until you feel comfortable enough to climb down quickly with no problems at all.

You need to do these kinds of exercises until they become second nature to you so that when it comes time for you to ride on a roller coaster, it won’t be such an ordeal because you’ve already been through similar challenges before with flying or climbing ladders or scaffolds which have helped build up your confidence level and make you realize that there is nothing to be afraid of.

If you are afraid of flying, try taking a small plane flight or even a helicopter ride. If your fear is more about heights, then try standing on top of something high up like a ladder or scaffolding, and then climbing down slowly while holding onto it tightly until you feel comfortable enough to climb down quickly with no problems at all.

Distract Yourself

When you’re on the ride, try to keep your mind off what’s happening around you. Focus on something else that’s going on in your life (such as work). This will help distract you from what’s going on around you and help reduce your level of fear.

Take Help

Ask someone who has ridden before if they’ve ever gotten sick while riding the coaster. If they say yes, ask them how often this happens and how long it lasts for them after riding the coaster again. Hearing about others’ experiences can help put your own fears into perspective and make them seem less frightening than they may seem at first glance.

Practice exposure therapy

When you first start to experience symptoms of a phobia, it’s best to avoid them completely rather than try to face them head-on. However, once you’ve had time to recover from the initial shock of experiencing symptoms, you can begin practicing exposure therapy by riding smaller rides like kiddie coasters or bumper cars first before graduating up to larger ones like those found at theme parks or amusement parks.

Ride the world’s tallest roller coasters

If you’ve never ridden on a roller coaster before, you may be surprised by how much fun it is! But first, you need to take some of the low heights rides to overcome a fear then move to Tallest Roller coaster in the World. The taller and faster rides can be exciting because they have steep drops and high speeds — plus there’s an element of danger involved. Riding on a giant, fast coasters like Kingda Ka in New Jersey or Steel Dragon 2000. In Japan will give you an adrenaline rush like no other.


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