How To Hang Boxing Bag In Garage?

How To Hang Boxing Bag In Garage?

You’ve been working hard in the gym and it’s time to punch out your boxing bag, but you can’t find a way to hang it up in your garage. You don’t have any studs on the wall to anchor it with, so you don’t want to have to drill holes into the wall and risk ruining it or yourself! Luckily, there are ways you can securely mount your boxing bag in your garage without drilling holes into the walls or ceiling.

Here’s what you need to do…

Step 1: Pick a spot

Choose a good spot on your garage wall for mounting your boxing bag. Mounting it on a cement wall is not recommended because you’ll have to drill holes through concrete, which makes putting up and taking down your bag much more difficult and time-consuming. If you do choose to mount your bag on a cement wall, make sure that it’s securely anchored into studs or joists so that it won’t fall off when someone hits it hard.

Step 2: Use strong eyehooks or eye bolts (and chains if you want)

Just grab two strong eyehooks or eye bolts and screw them into wall studs on either side of where you want your hanging hook to go. Once they’re both screwed in, slip a chain or rope through them, leaving enough slack for a hanger hook on each side of your hook.

Step 3: Attach heavy duty rings (or hooks) with washers and nuts

If you’ve bought a punching boxing bag that came with chains, you’ll want to attach heavy duty rings (or hooks) at each end. You’ll want a good sturdy connection between your chain and hook so that your punching bag doesn’t swing around when you hit it. With washers on either side of your hook or ring and nuts connecting these from below, there shouldn’t be any concern about them coming undone during an intense workout.

Step 4: Attach the chain ends (or eyehooks) to your ceiling joist

After your boxing bag has been assembled and filled with water, you’re ready to attach it safely and easily to a ceiling joist. The best way is with a pair of S-hooks, which are small metal hooks that are designed for exactly that purpose: attaching things securely onto eye bolts or similar anchoring devices. You can buy them at any hardware store. Attach one end of an S-hook to each chain end (or eyehook) on your boxing bag.

Step 5: Make sure all of your connections are good. Measure, measure, measure.

After you’ve finished hanging your boxing bag and tightened everything, double-check all of your connections. For a speed bag, use a tape measure to ensure that your lines are straight and true. The last thing you want is for a line or connection to start slipping mid-session and lead to injury. If everything checks out, go ahead and get started!


However, there are many other ways you can hang your punching bag that doesn’t require any drilling. They may not be as efficient as a solid mounting system, but they work well for boxing training and most people don’t need a permanent or heavy-duty mount.

By Khizar Akhtar

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