How to Pronounce the Shia Quran Correctly After Reading It

How to Read the Shia Quran for Correct Pronunciation and Beautiful Recitation


There are two types of recitations of the Quran, one is the Shia and the other is the Sunni. Many people don’t know how to read the Shia Quran correctly and this makes the great difference between both recitations of the Quran. The purpose of this article will be discussing briefly how to read the Shia Quran correctly and beautifully.

For those who already recite

There are a few rules that you need to keep in mind while you are reciting so that your recitation is correct. Proper Articulation, Correct Inflection, and Proper Accent when emphasizing on letters and words. The right pace of recitation. And also, if need, you can recite with pauses or in slow motion.

For those who want to learn recitation

Recitation is not just reading aloud of a text, it is an act of worship. Anyone who recites the Quran in Arabic will realise that it takes a lot of effort. One needs to have proper articulation, correct inflection, correct accent when to emphasize on letters and words, recitation with the right pace etc. There are many books available online as well as from stores which can teach you how to recite correctly. The best way would be going through them.

جمع الحروف

When reciting the Quran, it is important that we learn how to read aloud with proper articulation. Proper articulation means that we are clear and enunciate each letter of a word when reciting. It also means that we have correct accent, which means that we know when to emphasize on letters or words in order for them not be confuse with others. When reading aloud, it is also important that we read with correct inflection, which ensures our voice does not go up or down too much. This will make our recitation more beautiful sounding as well as easy to follow. It is also important that we have correct inflection so there are no gaps between lines of text being read where people might miss words from one line before going onto the next line.

How long will it take to learn Tajweed?

It is difficult to learn Tajweed in a short time. It usually takes months of regular practice before one can make any noticeable improvement. Learning Tajweed requires patience, endurance, discipline, concentration and consistency. It is not enough just to read the words correctly, but one must also be able to recite them with correct pronunciation, correct inflection, correct accent when need and with appropriate pace.

Is Tajweed hard?

There are a lot of rules in Tajweed that people think are hard, but they’re not. It’s just like learning any other skill. If you follow these few steps, you’ll be reciting Quranic verses with proper pronunciation in no time! All you have to do is: Proper Articulation, Correct Inflection, Correct Accent When To Emphasize On Letters And Words, Recitation With The Right Pace

What are the main Tajweed rules?

The rules of Tajweed are not difficult and can be easily learnt by reading, practicing and following a few steps. The basic principle is that words should be articulate properly. Proper articulation helps in getting perfect meanings from the text. A syllable that ends with a vowel letter should be read as short as possible while a syllable ending in a consonant letter should be read as long as possible. When reciting, we have to make sure that we pronounce all letters correctly. Different letters have different sounds which will change depending on where they are in the word. For example ‘b’ is pronounce differently when it is at the start of a word than at the end of a word.

How can I improve my Tajweed?

So you want to read in a beautiful manner, whether it is reciting from memory or reading from a book. Here are some tips on how you can improve your Tajweed: Proper Articulation: make sure that every letter of each word is articulate correctly. Correct Inflection: be sure not to recite words with too much emphasis or too little emphasis; there should be a balance between the two. Correct Accent When To Emphasize On Letters And Words: know when letters are emphasize; do not over-emphasize, but do emphasize at times when they are intend. Recitation With The Right Pace: recite with a pace that matches what is being said; don’t hurry through difficult passages but also don’t stop at simple ones.

How long does it take to learn Noorani Qaida?

Learning how to read the Noorani Qaida takes time. It is not like learning a new language or anything that can be master in few weeks. The best way to learn is if you get a teacher who can help you with correct pronunciation, correct inflection, correct accent when emphasizing on letters and words, recitation with the right pace etc. But in case you do not have access to any such teachers then there are many online resources which will help you learn it as well. You need not worry about memorizing all of it but just try to understand the basics first and then slowly move on from there.

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