How To Take Measurements For Mens Kurta Pajama?

How To Take Measurements For Mens Kurta Pajama?

A kurta pajama is the ideal garment of the South Asian region, and no outfit looks more traditional than one with this style of clothing. But if you’re new to this type of clothing, taking accurate measurements can seem daunting.

For absolute comfort and experience, your kurta pajama should be a perfect fit. So if you are getting ready to buy kurtas online, use these measurements and tips to ensure you order the correct size of kurta pajama! This guide will help you take your measures accurately, ensuring that your kurta pajama fits perfectly every time you order.

Where should you measure?

For the best experience of mens kurta Pakistan and accurate measurement, start measuring as explained below:

Chest: Place the tape measure around your chest, under your arms, and around your back.

Waist: Place the tape measure around your waist, about an inch below your navel. This is where you should be able to place two fingers between you and the tape measure.

Hips: Place the tape measure around the widest part of your hips. Ensure it is level with the ground and not tilting upwards or downwards.

Why is it important to get accurate measurements?

Getting accurate measurements is important because it will ensure that your kurta fits you comfortably. Your sizes are also needed to order a custom-made kurta. If you wear traditional clothes often, take time to learn how to measure yourself. It will make ordering clothing online so much easier.

What tools do you need?

You don’t need many tools except a measuring tape, a pencil or pen, and paper (optional).

First, find your height and measure from your chin to the floor. This is your height in inches. Next, measure around your waist and write that measurement down as well. Find your chest size by measuring from under one armpit to the other and then doubling it. For example: if you measured 15 inches, you would take 30 inches. Now find your sleeve length by measuring from shoulder to wrist.

Step-by-step guide on how to measure yourself

  1. Take a measuring tape and place it around your body, just below your armpits, and measure across to where you want the top of the kurta to end.
  2. Make sure you stand up straight and do not slouch or bend while taking measurements.
  3. Describe their height and length in inches on a sheet of paper, including their height, for example, 6’4 with long arms.
  4. Once all measurements have been recorded, select an appropriate size for mens kurta Pakistan from the sizes chart on the website (Studiobytcs).

Important tips and tricks

  • Take measurements from a comfortable standing position.
  • Be sure to wear a shirt that is close-fitting, not too tight or loose.
  • It should be long enough to stay tucked in at the waist but not so long that it comes up above your belly button.
  • Keep your arms down at your sides when taking measurements, so they don’t affect how accurate they are.
  • If you’re measuring someone else, stand behind them so you can read their body numbers.
  • If you measure yourself, make sure there’s someone else in the room who will tell you if your number is wrong.

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