How to Win Getting over It?

How to Win Getting over It

Getting over it is an impossible feat, which is why we like to play Getting Over It. In gaming and in real life, we want to avoid pain and discomfort, but sometimes this task proves impossible. The game where you play as a small man trying to get over a mountain is a constant reminder that failure is not terrible, just part of the process.

Don’t be a perfectionist

The first thing you need to do is stop being so hard on yourself. Don’t hold yourself to an impossible standard, and don’t expect yourself to be perfect. You’re human, and humans make mistakes. It’s okay if you don’t get everything right the first time — or even the tenth time!

Accept that you can’t control everything

You can’t control others, so don’t waste your energy trying. Trying to control other people is one of the main causes of frustration and anger in relationships. When you focus on what you can control — yourself — you’ll find that it’s much easier to deal with things like other people’s moods, behaviors, and responses to your requests and demands. Stop trying to control others’ actions and reactions, and focus instead on what’s within your power: your own behavior.


Stop comparing yourself to others

It’s easy to compare ourselves with others when we’re feeling down — especially if they seem happier than us or have more success than we do in whatever area we’re focused on at the moment (e.g., career, fitness level). But this comparison often leads us right back into self-criticism because no one else’s life is exactly like ours (even if they seem to have everything we do not). It’s also important to remember that comparing ourselves with others can be a self-fulfilling prophecy: When we judge our own success against someone else’s, we feel bad about ourselves and then act in ways that confirm our original low opinion of ourselves (e.g., procrastinate on an important project because we don’t think it will measure up to our colleague’s work).

Give yourself time to heal (it’s not a race)

Give yourself time to heal (it’s not a race). You might feel like you need closure or that everyone else wants you to be over it already, but rushing into another relationship won’t help at all — in fact, it could make things worse. Give yourself time and space to process what happened and let yourself feel sad about it. Remember that this isn’t something that will happen overnight; healing takes time and patience (and maybe even some professional help).

Use your skills wisely

While you can use your skills in any order you want, it’s best to begin by using them on the first section of the mountain. Use your left click to swing your hammer, and then use your right click to jump from one rock to another. At first, this will seem easy enough, but as you progress up through each section of the mountain, it becomes more difficult — especially because there are no checkpoints along the way for you to save your progress!

Plan ahead

Before attempting any part of Getting Over It, plan out exactly how you’re going to do it. For example, if there are large gaps between rocks that need jumping across and they’re too far apart for me to jump between them easily — I’ll look for another path around that area rather than trying my luck at leaping across them myself. By planning ahead like this, you’ll be able

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Use Getting Over it Mod APK

Getting Over It Mod Apk has very simple controls; all you have to do is climb up using your hand and foot while avoiding falling down into the abyss below. The only way to move forward is by jumping onto platforms that are always moving up or down like an elevator so they don’t stay still for long enough for you to grab them quickly enough before they disappear into thin air again!

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