Important Information About Road Painting For Businesses

road painting

If you are a regular pedestrian then you must have noticed the colourful lines drawn all over the roadways, especially in the walking lanes and dividers. No, these are not just some random work of the local artists. These are the road paintings done by the government authorities to make sure that safety rules on the roads are maintained properly.

There are times when car drivers often lead to the wrong directions and end up meeting with an accident. Thousands of such cases all over the world witness accidents where either the drivers get hurt or even the pedestrians get hurt unnecessarily due to the lack of proper guidance on the roadways. To overcome such misleading accidents on the roads, road paintings come into the scene.

Which paint is used on the road painting?

Several types of road paints are available in the market. Road marking companies choose the accurate paint which suits the surfaces and the lines or marks being made. Different paints are used for different reasons, anti-skid, high traffic areas, long ways, and reflective properties. But there are a few materials that are very frequently used in road painting and floor paint. These are:

  • Thermoplastic road paint: Thermoplastic road marking paint is the most popular, demanded, and favorite paint for road marking. Thermoplastic road marking paint is ideal for marking high traffic, reflecting, strong, and for highways. At first, it is heated to 180 degrees Celsius, and then it is applied to the surfaces by spraying. For extra surface rasping and reflection, fillers and glass beads are added to the paint to boost safety. For line marking, the pre-formed thermoplastic tape also can be used.
  • Water-based paint:  Water-based road marking paint is used for low-profile and anti-slip. It is suitable for race tracks and airfield runways, which should be no object waste on the surface. Water-based paint is a good choice for car parking, warehouses, transport yards, and shipping ports.
  • MMA cold plastic road marking paint: Methyl Methacrylate or MMA is a cold plastic with the benefits of both paint and thermoplastic. It holds the marking colors well without fading, and it is exceptionally long-lasting. It is easy to apply, when applied cold and quickly dries, and completes works business faster.

Several types of road painting

Every road marking line is not the same. The traffic lanes line is different from the lines which are used by pedestrians. There are different types of road painting lines available. These are:

  • Solid or standard lines: A solid line is used as lengthy markings with directions that indicate the proper position of a driver on the road. Every country has its own rules, so there is no such thing as a standard line. In road painting, experts define a solid or standard line as a solid, monochromic line of 100 to 150 mm wide. The main colours are used in white and yellow.  In privet properties, they also can be used to mark separate parking space limits in the parking lot.
  • Different countries, different lines: In every country, the similarity of markings is very important to supply clear guidance to the drivers and the walkers and reduce confusion about the meaning. That is why a good road marking can also cover all possible line types.
  • Double lines: Double lines are used in road painting applications. Double lines are placed in the center point of the road. Double lines exist is several ways, like two solid lines, one solid line merging with one skip line, and a zipper line used in airports.
  • Wide lines: Wide lines are used for different purposes, like stop lines and walker crossings. In road painting, wide lines are 40 to 50 cm wide.
  • Skip lines: Skip lines are made by a single broken line portion. The color, width, length, and distance between broken line portions vary country-wise and purpose-wise. Skip lines are used to delineate the boundary of the cycle lane, separate traffic, help the drivers to go straight etc.
  •  Zebra crossing: A zebra crossing is marked along white stripes for pedestrians. Generally, pedestrians are allowed to go before vehicular traffic. The markings may vary by dominion.

What is road painting made of?

Road marking paint is made from thermoplastic and resin mixed with the refractive glass beads and titanium dioxide. If you are wondering whether these glass beads are harmful for the tyres or not, then relax, as these beads are only added for making the paint reflective. Also, they do not cause any harm to the car tyres.  The basic material and additives like glass beads and anti-skid aggregates should be mixed in the proper ratio to achieve the entire road painting properties such as shine, anti-skidding, durability, and retro reflections.   

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