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We anticipated that the announcement of a notable celebrity’s decision to adopt a plant-based diet would be met with emoticons depicting dazzling excitement. It is easy to understand why animal rights organisations have been reluctant to try the new plant-based food that KFC has introduced. The remainder of the items on the restaurant’s menu is made with chickens raised and slaughtered specifically for consumption, hence the restaurant’s name.

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KFC Vegan Chicken and groups who advocate for the rights of animals have a checkered past. You might have played Super Chick Sisters on the PETA Kids website back in the middle of the 2000s if you were a young animal rights activist like I was at the time. It is a platform game similar to Super Mario Brothers in which two baby chicks go up against the “evil” Colonel Sanders in an effort to bring attention to the “Kentucky Fried Cruelty” that is committed by his company. The Humane League joined forces with the Open Wing Alliance (OWA) in order to launch a campaign against Yum! Brands, the parent company of KFC, included demonstrations in multiple countries around the world.

Option That Is Friendly To Vegans Within The Plant-Based Community

Yum! In the past year, many companies ceased selling eggs that came from birds kept in cages. The restaurant that earned its reputation for its “world-famous” fried chicken now serves a chicken-free, plant-based alternative.

The KFC Vegan Chicken’s treatment of animals has caused some animal rights activists to experience whiplash, which has sparked intense controversy in the vegan community and in the comment section of The Humane League’s website. How should we think about the plant-based meat that KFC Coupons? Should we continue to back a company that has built its image on the slaughter of chickens, or should we welcome the decision they’ve made?

The $20 Fill-Ups at KFC Are Both Reasonably Price And Satisfying

In 2015, KFC began running a campaign called $20 Fill Up in an effort to compete with Chick-fil-A. According to Business Insider, the $20 Fill Up combination meal offers more food than the lunches offered by KFC’s competitors for a lower price. The fact that KFC sales increased by seven percent in the first few months of the promotion is evidence that the $20 Fill Up will continue to be offered.

After KFC realised that the $20 Fill Up was a hit, the company continued to advertise it by airing commercials on television and holding press events all around the world. During the presentation of the lunch special, Colonel Sanders distributed gift coupons for $20 worth of Fill Up food.

KFC Vegan Chicken has made it a point to promote the $20 Fill Up on TV as much as possible, from holiday commercials to promotions including Colonel Sanders. He makes this statement in the form of a video: “I won’t offer you a microwaved bag.” I’ll provide you with a complete meal for the low price of $5.

Is Kfc Beyond Vegan?

To begin, there is Beyond Fried Chicken. Nuggets may not be vegan-friendly. To begin, the proverbial “chicken.” Products labelled as vegan do not contain any meat, dairy products, eggs, or honey in any form. There are no animal products in Beyond Fried Chicken. The flavour of the meat is imitated by Beyond Meat using ingredients such as peas, potatoes, and coconut oil.

So, why don’t KFC’s Beyond Fried Chicken Nuggets fall under the category of “vegan”? The problem is not the components that go into the nuggets; rather, it is how they are manufactured. According to KFC Vegan Chicken, its plant-based nuggets may potentially be cooked in the same fryers as beef nuggets. Vegans do not want their food to come into contact with any part of the process of producing meat.

Every industrial kitchen that does not exclusively prepare plant-based foods poses the risk of plant-based foods coming into touch with animal products. “Cross-contamination” between products derived from animals and those derived from plants has given rise to heated debates among vegans. The newest menu item at KFC has stoked the flames of controversy even further.

Skimming vegan The responses on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit all indicate that this is a choice make on an individual basis. It is not unacceptable to avoid eating food that may have been in contact with animal products.

Do Animal-Friendly Fast Foods Exist?

There are almost 10 million vegetarians and vegans living in the United States. Around the middle of the 2000s, there were 290,000 people who self-identified as vegetarian or vegan. It has increased by nearly 3000%!

In spite of all of this energy, the vegan movement is still very small. 10 million people is equivalent to 2% of the total population of the country. The remaining 98% of meat eaters present not only the greatest challenge for our cause but also the greatest potential. Vegans and vegetarians who shop at large, well-established chains that also offer plant-based options, like KFC Vegan Chicken, might find some assistance in overcoming this obstacle.

Vegan Food For Animals

Even though being vegan is better for animals, omnivores who are interest in veganism nonetheless contribute to a decrease in the demand for animal products. Every bite has the potential to save an animal’s life.

According to Faunalytics, people who consume less meat, those who are just partially vegetarian, and others are having a significant effect. They are able to influence food producers and food service providers by increasing the number of plant-based meals they consume.

Options for Plant-Based Products for Brands

As a result of this trend, restaurants such as KFC Vegan Chicken, Pizza Hut, Burger King, and even McDonald’s now offer more plant-based options. World Animal Protection estimates that around one million animals were spare thanks to the efforts of franchisees working in conjunction with Beyond Meat and Impossible Meat.

Even if omnivores experiment with plant-based diets out of simple intellectual curiosity, it will have an effect on the food chain. Celebrate!

Why the Current Food System Is Harmful to Animals

When vegan products become more widely available, perhaps people’s attitudes and perspectives will shift regarding the harm that our current food system causes to animals and the environment. In order to satiate people’s appetites for meat, sixty billion chickens are slaughter every year.

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Unfortunately, marketing by the meat business and subsidies from the government have made eating KFC Vegan Chicken the de facto standard in our culture. In comparison to 40 years ago, the average American now consumes around two times as much chicken.

Alternatives to Chicken Made From Plants Present a Challenge to This Norm

Eateries in the neighbourhood help make plant-based alternatives more mainstream food choices that don’t harm or abuse animals, so making it easier to abstain from eating animals. The introduction of KFC’s vegan chicken offers us a future in which we will all be able to meet our nutritional requirements by consuming food that comes from plants and eating meat will become a thing of the past.


Your thoughts on KFC’s Vegan Chicken Beyond Nuggets are important to us. The excitement surrounding plant-based alternatives to meat, such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Burgers, is beneficial for animals. When people opt for plant-base foods and products rather than those derive from animals, they bring down the demand for meat and the number of animals that are raise and kill on factory farms.

It might seem like a trivial matter, but every chicken that is save from being mistreat and tortured by our broke food system is well worth it.

By promoting more humane nutritional options, we can provide immediate assistance to animals kept on factory farms. Our volunteers are travelling to towns and campuses all around the country to bring KFC’s vegan chicken alternatives with them. Join the work of The Humane League’s (THL) veg advocacy by registering to connect with your local field organiser.

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