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Ask any person in Bangalore for a short trip he will highly recommend you for a day or two trips in Nandi hills, located 60 km from Bangalore. It is the most popular getaway among the residents of Bangalore. Nandi hills has the summer palace of Tipu sultan built in the 18th century, where he used to stay to beat the heat of the plain. Nandi hill is a little hillock that will elevate you to the height of 4851 ft, which will delight you with its magnificent views of sunset and sunrise. It is a perfect place for relaxation from the hustle and bustle of the busy life of the city. Mahatma Gandhi, Queen Elizabeth II, and many other prominent dignitaries have stayed in Nandi hills.


It is a gem surrounded by breathtaking views of valleys and hills. People from Bangalore often come here to witness the sunrise. Across the Tumkur- chikkaballapur- kolar you will see various mountains that surround the province. Nandi hills are home to various archeological sites and also home to the arkavathy river. 

Nandi hills attract travelers due to its cool temperature. The weather conditions in Nandi hill are pleasant throughout the year, but September to May are preferable. In monsoons, they could be slippery and difficult to climb. Start your trail early in the morning in the summer to avoid sweating. 


You should look out for vicious monkeys in the sanctuary. You will find evergreen trees and a landscape full of rocks and boulders on your trail. It is heaven for birdwatchers and photographers,  you will find different species of birds on the slopes of Nandi hills. 

People use roads and drive till the road ends, to reach the summit. but if you love adventure, take the stairs to the top of Nandi hills. take a right turn and don’t follow the road from the foothills of Nandi hills. 

Once you reach the starting point of your trek, you will see steep stairs going straight to the castle gate, but it takes one hour of hiking. The path is beautifully maintained by the forest officials, walking on stone gravel roads and many splendid rest areas. trekking in Nandi hills will surely heal your eyes with the pleasant vibe and forest smelling extremely good which will fight your sweat.  

When entering the dividing area on the summit, you will first enter the 500-year-old Sri Gavi Veerabhadra Swamy Sanctuary. After that, witness the tipu sultan palace, the two-story red building made by the tipu sultan, also known as its summer palace. 

On the highest point of the hill, you will see a 100-year-old stepping-stone resort established in 1928, named Amrutha Sarovara. You can find orange fish in this water. sarovara is the only source of water in Nandi hills which is created by endless springs. near Sarovar, you will find a place called chabootara, which is where the tipu sultan used to pray. 


witness the enchanting glory of five slopes that make Nandi hills; Nandi Giri, Skanda Giri, channagiri, Brahma Giri, and hemagiri. These 5 slopes of hill divide the wilderness between rugged paths, eucalyptus plants, and many more. witness the unexpected drop in temperature once you start your trek in Nandi hills, the tree branches moving with cold air, and the fresh smell of eucalyptus. witness the spectacular view of eagle eyes from Nandi hills, vineyards, nearby towns, and settlements. You will see vineyards, rice fields, and the ocean of clouds if you are lucky enough. 

Tipu’s Drop is a major attraction for tourists, Tipu sultan used to hang their prisoners on this vertical cliff and drop them to death. 

camping in Nandi hills will bring you close to nature. spending a night under the twinkling stars in the most pleasant temperature and waking up to sunrise is one heck of an experience. 


Nandi hill is 60 km from the IT hub in Bangalore and around 220 km from Mysore. 

If you are coming from Bangalore, take Bangalore Hyderabad road, once you cross Devanahalli take the next left towards Nandi cross. after passing through Karahalli cross, take left and then a right which will take you straight to the Nandi slopes. Mayura hotel is the last place to park your cars. you cannot get any further from this point. 

If you are planning to take the passenger train to Chikballapur, you will find an 8:40 am train in the morning. nandi hills are just 9 from chikballapur. You can easily get an auto or a cab. 


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