Original Haitian Restaurant in USA with Affordable Prices

haitian restaurant in usa

Haitian food is loved by many people, but a question arises: is the food that you are getting in your nearest Haitian restaurant original or not? and I will discuss the main pointers that you have to look out for in the best Haitian restaurant in USA.

Original Haitian Restaurant 

The Creole Garden is the only restaurant when it comes to real Haitian restaurants. Modern Haiti restaurants have manipulated the recipes and changed the taste in the USA., and It breaks our hearts to see that the treasure of original taste is never provided to the public.

The Creole Garden is here to make the changes that are needed. So, We will make sure that we bring the evolutionary changes that are required to bring the original Haitian taste into modern Haitian restaurants. But our menu will delight you and your family. Change your perspective on creole food and taste the original aroma and flavor made from the original ingredients.

We take our work seriously and provide some of the best mind-blowing flavors to your taste buds. Experience the real richness of flavors that you can never experience in your area. So, The modern Haitian restaurants contain a hybrid menu that almost gives a fake experience of Haiti. 

Creole Garden is your go-to place for the original burst of flavors.

French Cooking Styles 

The french cooking style has always been a part of the Haitian cooking style, Because the french cooking style has been greatly influenced from back in the day and now it has become an inevitable technique and method that are included in the cooking style. The techniques that are used by most Haitians are gratinee and fricassee. If not utilized correctly then it can give a completely different taste apart from the original one. 

Fricassee cooking methods include two elements before starting to cook that is the et and dry heat. And, this technique is mostly used in making the comfort foods of Haiti. It is the right way to make the original creole food that is presented by the good Haitian restaurants

The gratinee can be defined as the technique method of cooking that mostly contains a brimming top full of cheese buttery bread crumbs baked or boiling until crispy. So, Creole garden offers real Haitian food made from the right ingredients and precise methods. You can come to Creole Garden anytime to enjoy what modern Haitian restaurants failed to offer.

Various Meat and Seafood Dishes

Meat and seafood are the real base of Haitian food. But, some of the most iconic dishes of Haiti are found in the form of meat and seafood. Haiti is mainly located in the center of the sea, which is why a large amount of food comes from the sea. Haitians are meat and seafood lovers and enjoy it a lot. Their flavor of interest can be seen in their dishes. 

The meat is the primary source of nutrients that are marinated and cooked in the spiciest and richest flavor. The final flavor will make you fall in love with Haitian culture and Haitian Tradition in no time. 

Because our seafood is marinated with the perfect mix of rich spices and induces a good aroma and unique taste to your dishes.  

Creole Garden knows the importance of cultural richness which is why we offer real Haitian food with the help of the original recipe. Our ancestors have preserved the best technique to give you the original experience of Haiti. You will find a completely different, much more rich and original taste with the help of Haiti food.

Creole Garden knows what a good Haitian restaurant has to offer. Our specialty is that we are the original in the era of mixed and hybrid flavors. If you are a true creole food lover then Creol Garden is the real Haitian restaurant 

Creole Food and Haitian Food 

The Creole food and Haitian food have many discussions about whether they are different styles of food or not. The right answer would be that creole food is more influenced by the Spanish whereas Haitian food was advanced under the influence of the Spanish. Because the historical technique methods and ingredients are numerous but the real Haitian restaurants know how to make the historical and cultural dishes of Haiti.

Creole Garden was established for years to provide the original taste, flavor, and texture of delicious Caribbean cuisine. Our chefs take feelings of pride and enjoy cooking the long-lost heritage with excellence. Creole Food is known for its rich flavor and bold taste. The team at Creole Garden keeps every point in their mind and provides excellence with the minimum effort. 

Delicious Caribbean Cuisine 

The Caribbean cuisine at the Creole Garden will amaze you. Get a real experience of Haiti and go on a tour. Try every savory and delicious creole food to ignite your taste buds. We offer real Haitian food in its original shape and eat delicious Caribbean cuisine from the original restaurant.

Creole Garden offers real Haitian food to our customers and stays true to our business and culture. We love and enjoy cooking that is why we passionately work to spread the real taste of Haiti to your taste buds. The team at Creole Garden knows how to win the trust of the customers. You can eat dine-in or take away from our restaurant. We try our best to provide you with the best services to provide the authentic Haitian taste at your doorstep. But you can also book your table online and select your menu at our restaurant. Read more

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