Philadelphia Flyers 2022-23 Regular Season Schedule

Philadelphia Flyers

The Philadelphia Flyers are set to play a road trip to Chicago on April 13, 2022-23. The schedule was tweeted by Jordan Hall of NBC Sports Philadelphia. It features games against the Canucks, Blues, and Islanders. It also includes a matchup against the Penguins.


Flyers vs. Canucks at Wells Fargo Center – PA

The NHL released the 2022-23 regular season schedule on Wednesday. The Philadelphia Flyers will open their season at home on October 13 against the New Jersey Devils before hosting the Vancouver Canucks two days later. The Flyers will also play the Pittsburgh Penguins on Black Friday and the Tampa Bay Lightning four days later in early December.


After the Christmas break, the Flyers will play three games in the west, including games against the Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks. The Flyers will also play nine games at the Wells Fargo Center in March, including seven during a single homestand. In addition to the Canucks, the Flyers will play the Columbus Blue Jackets and Chicago Blackhawks.

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Flyers vs. Sharks at Wells Fargo Center – PA

If you’re looking to get a feel for the upcoming Philadelphia Flyers season, you can look at their schedule. The Flyers are scheduled to play 15 back-to-back games, slightly lower than last season. The Flyers will play two sets of back-to-backs during the first four weeks of the season, including games against the Tampa Bay Lightning and Florida Panthers on October 18. During the season’s final five weeks, the Flyers will play six of nine games on the road, including two games against the Chicago Blackhawks.


The Flyers will open the season at home and play four games against the New Jersey Devils during the Battle of the Turnpike. Last season, Philadelphia went 1-2-0 against the Devils, including a 6-1 win at Wells Fargo Center.


Flyers vs. Blues at Wells Fargo Center – PA

Even though they have been eliminated from the playoffs, the Philadelphia Flyers are not yet out of the woods. They will play the Pittsburgh Penguins in their annual Black Friday game. The Flyers will play the Penguins three times this season, including at home. The Flyers will also play the New York Rangers three times and the Pittsburgh Penguins three times. They will also play all of their division opponents four times.


A road trip to Chicago is part of the Flyers’ 2022-23 regular season schedule. The team will also play games against teams from their division and the Western Conference once a season. The Flyers will also play rivalry games with the Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins.


Flyers vs. Islanders at Wells Fargo Center – PA

The 2022-23 regular season schedule for the Philadelphia Flyers was released on Wednesday. The team will open next season with a home game against New Jersey on October 13. The schedule also confirms the team will begin its season at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.


The Flyers’ regular season schedule features a wide variety of games. There are home games versus the Rangers and Islanders and a Saturday home game against the Capitals. The Flyers’ regular season schedule also includes several road games. The team travels to the New York Rangers on February 8, Sat. February 9, and Sun. February 16. The Flyers will also travel to the Washington Capitals, Chicago Blackhawks, and New Jersey Devils to round out the regular season.


On Black Friday, the Flyers will play the Pittsburgh Penguins. The team will play this one of only three home games against the Penguins. In addition to playing the Penguins three times, the Flyers will face the New York Rangers three times and play the Philadelphia Flyers four times.


Flyers vs. Coyotes at Wells Fargo Center – PA

If you are interested in Flyers vs. Coyotes hockey games, check out the schedule for the upcoming season. The Flyers will open their season on Monday, January 2, in Anaheim at 10:00 PM, before playing the NY Rangers on Wednesday, January 5. The next home game is on Sun. January 11 in Seattle at 1:00 PM. Other games are scheduled for Sun. January 22 in New Jersey at 7:00 PM, on Thu. January 29, in Washington, and on Sat., January 31, in New York City.


If you are a fan of the Philadelphia Flyers, you can look up the 2022-23 season schedule. Tickets for single games will be available at

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