Queenstown: Things You Need to Know About Riding the Luge

Queenstown’s must-do activity is Luge riding around Bob’s Peak. These little carts powered by gravity may seem more fun than the feeling they give you while riding them.

But don’t wait! You don’t have to read this entire post if you’re not aware of the things you need to know before you ride Bob’s Peak on a Queensland Luge deals. We will be discussing safety tips, highlights of the journey, and other aspects that make up a Luge. Continue reading!

You will need to reach Bob’s Peak

The luge cart ride does not take place in Queensland. To ride the luge cart up Bob’s Peak you must get up. This means that you’ll get tired after riding for 450m (1 476 feet). You might also feel hungry. Bring your favorite food.

The Tiki Trail might be a must-see!

At the beginning of Queenstown, the Tiki Trail will be at the end of Brecon Street. This will take you to Bob’s Peak (where you will find the Luge Cart). It might not be the most beautiful spot for hiking in Queenstown. But! If you combine it with deals websites in NZ, it will be the best.

According to some reports, the trail is 2.1 kilometers long (1.3 miles) with 450m (1,476ft) elevation. The Tiki Trail is completely free.

Gondola Rides are a Must

A gondola is a great option after riding Luge in Queenstown. Gondola and Luge cart are both run by the same company. You can also use the same pass if you want to ride it.

A chairlift will get you to the beginning of the luge

A chairlift will assist you in reaching the luge cart area at the beginning. The chairlift is quite high and may not allow for two people. You and your loved ones will be safe.

Never Buy One Luge Cart Ride

The reason why “Never purchase one Luge Cart” is so important is that there are many tracks along the way. You must first ride on the blue track. Then you can go to other tracks. Because luke cars are dangerous and fast, it is worth having a companion or someone to help you navigate the tracks.

Children Can Ride Luge Cart As Well

You might be wondering if Loge carts are suitable for children after reading this information. We wanted to clarify that children can ride the Loge cart. Make sure they have their safety equipment, such as seatbelts, organized.

You can also do these other must-do activities after visiting Queenstown

We will tell you about other activities you and your guys should do after visiting Queenstown. These activities are great for friends and family. You can also do these activities alone if desired.

1- Central Otago Wine Tour & Tasting: After a Queenstown luge cart ride, the first thing you should do is a wine tour. This is a great way to save money and have fun with your friends.

2- TSS Earnslaw Steamship cruise: This relaxing cruise is popular after the sun sets in Queensland. You can enjoy dinner on board the Historic TSS Earnslaw Ship in the town and also visit other locations, such as the lush green valleys of Otago.

3- Queenstown Canyoning Adventure – This activity allows you to have a great time with your friends and family by climbing, rappelling, swimming, and trekking. As we have found, you will be able to descend a Queenstown canyon.

Queenstown is a 4-day trip to Milford Sound with a picnic lunch: Queenstown is one the most exotic places on this vast planet. It’s not just fun to ride the luke car, but you can also take a day trip out to Milford Sound with a picnic lunch. It sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

5- Extreme jet boating: You might want to finish your tour with a thrill ride. Queenstown has an incredible jet boating experience waiting for you. It’s possible to have it with your partner or friends.

Queenstown: Where to Stay

It might prove difficult to find Queenstown hotels that are suitable for your needs since all of the Queenstown hotels tend to be booked with other guests. We have compiled a list of places where you and your travel partners can stay at affordable rates. Have a look at the list below!

  1. Absoloot Queenstown Hostel (for low-budget travelers)
  2. Chalet Queenstown (a little bit more expensive but very comfortable)
  3. Hilton Resort and Spa (best choice for couples)
  4. Kamana Lakehouse is for people who want a luxurious lifestyle.

What are you left to know?

The Luge is fun and adrenaline-pumping way for Queenstown residents to spend a day. The Luge is a sled track that travels through Queenstown’s mountains and gives riders a variety of options for their ride.

Queenstown’s forested areas are the fastest route. Although it is a short route, anyone can enjoy it. You can go through an abandoned mine town if you’re looking for something more adventurous. Even experienced riders will find these tracks challenging because they are narrow and twisty.


We have provided a comprehensive guide to riding a Luke Cart in Queensland. We also shared some other activities you might enjoy.

This article also lists the best places to stay in Queensland. If you need to rent a car you can ask the manager at your hotel for information about prices, models, and seats.


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