ruinsara lake


ruinsara is the most beautiful lake in Uttarakhand, which offers you majestic views of mountains, wetlands, forests, wilderness, streams, rivers, and the spectacular alpine lake. It is the perfect adventure trek that gives you peace of mind. The hike is not arduous and is not particularly complicated. The biodiversity of the untamed forests will astonish you. The area is home to a wide variety of bird species. It is breathtaking to see ruins that resemble a lake that appeared out of nowhere in the enclosed gorge. The shoreline is lush and verdant. You can also visit pangarchulla trek.


The route to Ruinsara Tal meanders across open meadows, woodlands, and occasionally crosses rivers and streams. In addition to coniferous trees, deodars are primarily found in woods, which are also perfectly surrounded by deodars. view several exotic, colourful birds that are unique to this area. This journey that can silence your voice will astound you. On this walk, you may discover the Himalayas’ unspoiled splendour. Ruinsara is delightfully tucked away on the side of the Ton glacier a little distance from Osla. You can also witness har ki dun valley which is located near the lake. The trek offers the grandeur of peaks of the Himalayas like swargarohini. 


Your trek starts from the very first village, Sankri and Taluka Village, which can be covered on wheels too. on the entire route on wheels, alpine will call you to step into the forest and you can’t deny it. The high peaks will show you the way to ruinsara tal. After reaching seema, Kala nag and Bandar Poonch will be visible, following their lead to the summit. These two peaks will guide you all the time but a timely change in landscapes is so stunning. you will be disappointed once your trip is over because the preserved beauty of nature which you are going to explore in ruinsara trek will be missed. 


The initial part of the trek starts from the village and then traverses over forests, ridges, and rivers. your trek will be beside the river and then into the wilderness. It’s delightful to witness the pristine crystal clear lake perfectly nestled between the ridge and valley wall. The tranquilized feeling you will get witnessing this alpine lake and grassy meadows state the beauty of nature. 

 This route takes these brothers to heaven. This is the reason why the locals worship them.


 If you are planning for a trek to ruinsara then summers are the best time to do this trek. more specifically May to June and post-monsoon from September to October are the best months. 


Summers here are still winters for some regions in India. The atmosphere will be clear so you can see the Himalayas and notice every detail. you will still feel the cold winds in these months, carry woolen to protect yourself from breezing winds. although the weather is pleasant and salubrious in these months.


everything in the region shines and witnesses the glory of ruins are tal. During the post-monsoon, the solitude and serenity of ruinsara tal are at their best. feel the vibe of winter in these months. 


In the Garhwal region of the Himalayas, witness the cradle-shaped valley known as har ki dun which is the link between borasu pass and baspa valley. It can be visited in the winter and is situated at an altitude of 3500 m. Ruinsara Tal, located 8 kilometres from Oslo, is ideally tucked away in Mount Kala Nag’s embrace. At a height of 3380 metres, there is a glacial lake that is clean and turquoise blue. A spectacular swargarohini range lies in the background, with enchanting green meadows surrounding the lake.


 1: Drive from Dehradun to sankri village via Uttarkashi. the total distance you will cover is 198 km


2: drive to taluka, a 15 km drive. then the trek begins to seema, 12 km of the trek which will take 6 hours 


3: the trek to kalkatiyadhar, 7 km takes 4 hours


 4: trek to Oslo via har ki dun, which is 14 km and takes 7 to 8 hours.


 5: the trek to untigaad, 10 km takes 6 hours


 6: trek to devsu bugyal via ruinsara tal, 12 km and takes 7 hours


 7: trek to taluka, then a short drive to sankri 


 8: head back to Dehradun.


By Khizar Akhtar

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