Stationery School Supplies: Perfect Student Companions

stationery school supplies

At the start of the school year, school children are excited to learn new things in their new class but what creates maximum excitement among children is the preparation for the new school year. It includes buying brand-new stationery and school supplies, among the many other things children need in school. With stationery items available in a wide range of varieties, the excitement among the students is palpable as to what new items they will be buying for the new school year.

School stationery is an important part of a student’s educational journey. Notebooks, notepads, pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, and a pencil case are the staple school stationery items that you will find in each student’s bag.

Items include in stationery school supplies

Writing is an important aspect of education. Students write notes, complete assignments and projects, and take tests and examinations, all of which are important parts of education. To effectively complete these processes, you need a wide range of stationery school supplies that aid in writing, such as:

  • Pencils
  • Biros
  • Erasers
  • Sharpeners
  • Highlighter pens
  • Notebooks

Other important stationary items widely use by students are:

  • Rulers
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Zipper binder folders
  • Pencil case
  • Tape
  • Paper clips
  • Staplers

Why are stationery school supplies an integral part of education?

Without stationery and school supplies, the education process of the students is incomplete. The stationery items play a crucial role in a student’s life. Right from a very early age, a child learns to identify colours, letters of the alphabet, and numbers. Children are introduction to the world of books, where they see fascinating pictures of animals, flowers and fruits, and things they see near them. The next step is to write and draw what they see and learn on paper. For that, they use crayons and colour pencils. These are among the first school stationery items a child learns to use.

Pencils are one of the most important apparatuses that a student uses. Children learn to write with pencils. Then their usage extends to rubbers, sharpeners, and pencils. The trio of pencil, rubber, and sharpener is a child’s partner in assimilating and learning new things and experiences. Once children grow older, they change their writing apparatus to a pen from a pencil. These changes are reflects in their stationery and school supplies.

This does not, however, mean the role of a pencil in a student’s life is over. They will use pencils for their entire education journey, especially when drawing diagrams in science, solving theorems in geometry, making tables, and doing free-hand drawing. So, it can be safely said that a pencil is a student’s true companion from the very early stages to their last day in school.

Children use highlighters to highlight certain points in their assignments or mark certain segments in a chapter that they think are important and must be given precedence while studying.

Pens and pencils will have no use if there are no notebooks to write in. When we think of a student’s school bag, besides the pencil case that holds the stationery, school supplies, and books, we come across the neatly stack notebooks. There is one notebook for each subject. The notebooks carry important notes and assignments that children do throughout the year.

Senior school students also carry zipper binder folders that include stacks of sheets of assignments and reports they need to create for various subjects. These senior students also use rulers, compasses, dividers, and protractors, all part of a geometry box. As the name suggests, all these apparatuses are use in geometry class.

Use of stationery and school supplies for extracurricular activities

The use of the various stationery school supplies is not just limited to the academic aspect of education. Arts and crafts are vital elements of education in which children learn to let their imaginations run wild. Their creativity thrives and gets amply expresse on the drawing sheets through their drawings. You see a glimpse of their vivid imagination on paper that they execute through the wide array of pencils and pens.

Similarly, children learn new things with craft activities and create items using colour papers, glue, scissors, tape, and other associate paraphernalia, such as highlighters and glitter.


Stationery school supplies can be aptly describe as the unsung heroes in a child’s development that facilitate the learning process with their wide range of items that make the learning process easy and fun for the students.

By Khizar Akhtar

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