Study MBBS In Russia’s Top Medical Colleges

Study MBBS in Russia

Studying MBBS in Russia

Russia is a great place for students who want to study MBBS. Its advantages and quality of life attract students. A course in Russia lasts 5.8 years. Study MBBS in Russia is considered to be the best choice for students who want to study abroad. The reason why it is considered to be the best choice is the advantage of quality education at an affordable price.

Russian medical universities are accredited by PMC, WHO, UNESCO and other bodies. Students are eager to be admitted in Russia because of the commendable service and the students who gain admission to MBBS in Russia. Studying MBBS in Russia is a good option for students. Russian universities are ranked among the top 30.

The dream for students is to get a place in a leading university and become a specialist in 5.8 years. Students from all over the world study medicine at Russian MBBS. Graduates from Russia work in clinical practice all over the world. These are the specific reasons that attract students to countries like Russia. The services and education offered in Russia are very beneficial for students and help them to create fruitful careers.

Russia is a common destination for MBBS students. Other countries outside Russia include China, Nepal, Germany, the Philippines, Ukraine, Bangladesh, and Kyrgyzstan. These countries also offer courses that are affordable for students. The duration of study is 5.8 years, but foreign students who choose to study in Russia do not need to complete a preparatory year.

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More information about MBBS in Russia

PMC and WHO accredited

Education: at least 50% physics, chemistry and biology combined.

Course duration 6 years

MDCAT Yes, required.

IELTS/TOEFL is not required.

About MBBS in Russia

It is easy to study MBBS in Russia as there is no need to take entrance exams. In addition, the Russian government provides grants for education, so tuition fees can be relatively low. MBBS is taught in English and Russian. Students are also taught Russian to facilitate communication with local patients. Russian medical schools are well trained, well equipped and have reasonable technology to train students.

Comparing Russia with India, the climatic conditions in Russia are very different from those in India. As the country is located in the tropics, the climate is mild and pleasant for the people living in Russia. The climate of the country varies a lot from region to region. In winter, the average temperature is -20 °C, while in autumn and summer it is 25 °C. The climate in Russia is very pleasant for people living in Russia. All houses in Russia are equipped with heating systems. This ensures a comfortable indoor climate.

Study MBBS abroad

Why study MBBS in Russia 2022-23?

Russian medical universities are among the best in the world. They offer top-notch hospitals and globally recognized degree programs, fully furnished accommodation, Pakistani canteens, advanced and affordable learning, quality education and much more. Russia has some of the most inventive universities. And most universities have subsidized fee structures. The need for clinical training is the main cost for various organizations.

The number of Pakistani students wishing to study abroad is at an all-time high. Today, the world is moving from choosing the right university to high learning parameters – maximum return on investment (ROI), global recognition and opportunities and most importantly, comprehensive courses. Notably, Russia’s low cost of living and low MBBS costs make Russia a destination for foreign students studying MBBS. Scholarships are also available; the average cost of an MBBS course is between 250 000 and 500 000. Another advantage for students is that they can practice anywhere after graduation.

A first-class medical education and practical knowledge of Russia is very useful. In addition, students are offered high-quality accommodation and food on campus. Russia welcomes more than 200,000 international students from all over the world every year, who study at some of the best medical schools in Russia. This includes students who have the option of studying in destinations such as the US and UK, but who choose Russia. This is due to the advanced infrastructure and in-depth knowledge of medical research.

The main reason for choosing Russia is:

The quality of education they offer.

Quality of education quality.

Quality of education quality.

PMC recognizes the course.

Students have good and furnished accommodation on campus.

Students from India feel at home because of the Pakistan fair offered by the university.

Subsidy of 70% for MBBS programs in Russian universities. The average cost of studying MBBS ranges from 2.5 to 5 lakhs per annum.

PMC qualifying tests are offered by most Russian universities. Graduates achieve excellent results in the FMGE exam and as a result are recruited to top hospitals and industries around the world.

Technically advanced education – Russia is known for its top medical universities.

Many specialized degree programs – Russian universities offer a large number of degree programs that students can choose from and specialize in.

MBBS in Russia offers a focused education.

The teachers are highly qualified.

The most modern teaching methods and technologies are used in Russia.

There are regular Pakistani hostels and Pakistani food (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) is easily available.

Guards for boys and girls are separate and have complete security.

There is no bullying in the school environment.

Travel to Russia is relatively cheap.

More than 1,000 students attend the best medical colleges in Russia.

MBBS in Russia for Pakistani students

Choosing an MBBS program in Russia is the best option for students. There are no language tests or entrance exams required to get into this profession. This profession opens doors for students who want to explore Russia. There are more than 4,000 students studying in 20 colleges in India. Compared to Western countries, the sponsorship rate is relatively high. Tuition fees are much lower compared to other countries. Students do not have to take an entrance exam, so the admission process is very easy. The IELTS language exam is also not required. The curriculum in Russia is similar to that of India. Hence, the students can return to India anytime and continue their studies.

The MBBS program in Russia is a six-year degree offered as a specialized Bachelor of Medicine degree. It is an alternative for students who dream of becoming doctors but cannot get a place in a good medical college in Pakistan. More than 53 Russian universities offer the MBBS degree, which is recognized by the Medical Council of India (PMC) and allows students to pursue MBBS studies abroad and practice in India.

As per PMC rules, students who wish to study MBBS abroad must take the MDCAT exam in Russian universities. However, students must score 50% (in PCB) or more in the CBSE/ISC examination in Class 12. Tuition fees at popular universities range from Rs 193,000 to Rs 874,000, which is different from Pakistan’s rates. The range is from Rs 1.8 to Rs 8.5 per annum. To be able to legally practice in India, graduates need to pass the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination). Thanks to covid-19, all courses are now conducted online. However, when students go to Russia, they can also work part-time. Russia is climbing the ladder of medical education.

In Russia, MD is the same as MBBS in India. The only difference is the nomenclature. The Indian Medical Association is aware that medicine in Russia is university education. After completing MBBS in Russia, students get a license to practice in India.

Russian universities award only Bachelor’s degrees in nursing. To become a professional, a specialist degree is required, which takes 5.8 years. After this specialization, another 2-4 years are required.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Russia

No entrance exam or donation is required.

The admission procedure is simple.

Fees are very low, subsidized, and affordable compared to other countries. It costs between 4 to 8 lakhs for one year. Moreover, the cost of living is very affordable.

The diploma is recognized all over the world.

It has a European standard of living.

It is available in Pakistan Mess.

Excellent results in the PMC screening test: students studying MBBS in Russia are prepared for the PMC screening test and can intern in India at no extra cost.

Interns are working in hospitals all over the world.

There is a 100 percent visa guarantee.

The University is a state university of Russia

Students can obtain a double degree: they are signatories to the Bologna Declaration, so students wishing to study MBBS medical education in Russia can obtain a double degree through joint programs with other universities abroad.

Foreign students will be able to adapt easily: there are people in Russia who speak more than 100 different languages. Russia attracts students from all over the world. Students who choose to study MBBS in Russia will enjoy a diverse and multicultural environment.

Courses in Russia are modern and convenient: Russia can compete with the best Western universities in terms of modern facilities, academic centers, and high-quality study equipment. In addition, Russian universities offer very affordable accommodation.

Russia has the best infrastructure: Russian universities offer students modern facilities and the best facilities.

Russia offers scholarship opportunities: Russia offers a number of free study opportunities and scholarships for international students wishing to study MBBS.

You can study in English: studying medicine in Russia is a good option for Pakistani students as most universities teach in English.

MBBS study costs in Russia 2022-23

The low cost of studying MBBS in Russia and the affordable cost of living are attracting increasingly Pakistani students to study MBBS in Russia. Russia is a very demanding destination for students wishing to study MBBS. The Russian government has subsidized tuition fees, making them very affordable. Compared to other countries, studying MBBS in Russia is easy. Tuition fees are very affordable. Russian universities offer a simple platform for international students, so they do not have to pay high tuition fees. There are also no donations. The cost of a six-year MBBS degree is very affordable for students.

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