Swimming for weight loss: how much to swim to lose weight


There is a popular opinion among amateurs that you can lose weight only if you put a lot of effort into training, sweat and suffer. Comfortable sports like swimming, yoga, and Pilates won’t help you lose weight with lifeguard course.

It’s a delusion. And today, together with Alexander Tarabrin, the founder and leading coach of the Stars & Legends School , the MSMK in swimming and the champion of Russia and Kazakhstan, we will figure out exactly how swimming will help you lose weight and tighten your figure. And at the end of the article you will find an approximate weekly training plan for beginner swimmers.

Which is more effective: swimming, running or cycling

Each sport has its own advantages and limitations. Running is good because it is accessible, it allows you to change the intensity of classes and control your well-being with the help of the pulse. However, this is a rather traumatic sport, and besides, overweight people should approach jogging especially carefully.

Bicycling is an excellent cardio workout, plus joint gymnastics and no shock load. The disadvantage of this option is serious financial investments, as well as competent time management in order to have time to complete training.

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As for swimming, it’s a great fat burning option for literally everyone. Of course, we are not talking about ordinary swimming in a river or pool, but about purposeful swimming. In this case, calories will be burned more efficiently.

Why swimming is recommended for weight loss

In water, body weight feels more comfortable, extra pounds give buoyancy, which is good for starting training. With a lot of weight, it is dangerous to play many sports due to the risk of injury, but in swimming this risk is minimized.

During training, calories are consumed not only for the training itself, but also for maintaining a constant temperature in the water. Thus, about 100-150 extra calories per hour go away even with minimal physical activity. The massage effect of water helps to avoid stretch marks, and the lymphatic drainage fights puffiness.

However, it is important to understand that for complex weight loss, you need not just to swim, but to periodically change the pulse and dynamics of exercises. To begin with, you can swim 2-3 times a week for 40 minutes at a comfortable pace, but for subsequent progress, you need to change the load. This will speed up the process of losing weight, and will also help to avoid the addiction of the body and reaching the plateau effect.

Weight loss will be especially effective if the training includes elements of all four swimming styles: crawl, breaststroke, dolphin and backstroke.

How swimming affects the figure

If you start swimming as an adult, you should not expect fundamental changes in your figure. Women often fear that their arms and shoulders will become too large, however, muscle hypertrophy from swimming in adulthood is impossible. To gain relief muscles, it is necessary to supplement swimming with training on land, in the gym, and also increase the amount of protein in the diet.

From swimming, the press is tightened, as the muscles work constantly, and even the deep abdominal muscles are pumped. It will not work to get “cubes” only from swimming, but to tighten the stomach and make it flatter – yes.

how to swim to lose weight

The most energy-intensive style is the butterfly, but swimming with a dolphin is technically quite difficult. In addition, this style swims mostly in short bursts, and we need at least 40 minutes of training.

Therefore, we recommend combining styles, but choose the crawl as the main one. It perfectly combines energy expenditure, the study of all the muscles of the body and the possibility of a long swim.

The more you use your legs, the more calories you burn. Try swimming 6 strokes freestyle, double push breaststroke (one stroke and two kicks) and you will immediately feel that it is much more difficult than normal swimming. In this case, the muscles of the legs are well pumped, and calories are burned faster.
Swim on your feet with a board, 1 to 4 pools as you feel good in a row. Do 3-4 sets with short rests up to 40 seconds. If you feel confident, you can swim on your feet without a board, stretching your arms forward with an arrow and connecting them in front of you.
If such an exercise is difficult, put on fins and take the board. Swimmers are usually very fond of swimming this way, because the exercise feels easy, but it works the muscles of the legs well and burns fat.

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