Tax payers from unpopulated areas will be able to take

tax relief service

The tax vice president of the regional government, José Luis Martínez Guijarro, has advanced that in the coming days the Executive will start an information campaign to remind the inhabitants of the areas affected by depopulation what deductions they can take advantage of in the current income campaign that starts in this month of April.

The Regional Strategy against Depopulation contemplates up to 210 measures in four areas of action – public, economic, social and territorial services – aimed at favoring the settlement and establishment of the population.

Tax payers

Added to the tax deductions is the increase of up to 40 percent in aid to those who undertake in these territories. Measures, he has said, so that people perceive these territories as “friendly to live and to invest”.

Jadraque (Guadalajara), April 1, 2022.- Taxpayers in unpopulated areas will be able to take advantage, for the first time, of the new tax deductions contemplated in the Law on economic, social and tax measures against the Depopulation of Castilla-La Mancha in the next income campaign that will begin in this month of April.

Jadraque (Guadalajara), April

The regional vice president, José Luis Martínez Guijarro, who presented today in Jadraque (Guadalajara) the Regional Strategy against Depopulation, the main application tool for said Law, has indicated that next week the inhabitants of the region will be able to verify the application practice of fiscal policy in Castilla-La Mancha as a tool to fight against depopulation. “For the first time in the declarations, deductions may be made for the simple fact of having effective residence in these territories”, and it has been advanced that the regional Executive will launch an information campaign to make the inhabitants of these areas aware of what deductions they can qualify.

These taxrelief deductions from which citizens with effective stay in areas considered sparsely populated in our region will benefit will amount to about 23 million euros.

During the act, which was attended by the mayor of the town, Héctor Gregorio; the president of the Guadalajara Provincial Council, José Luis Vega; the president of the regional courts, Pablo Bellido; the Minister of Social Welfare, Bárbara García Torijano; the Minister of Sustainable Development, José Luis Escudero; and the Commissioner for the Demographic Challenge in Castilla-La Mancha, Jesús Alique, along with a large group of mayors from the area and business representatives and social entities, the vice president highlighted that this Law, a pioneer at the national level, includes for the first time taxation to combat depopulation in the Autonomous Community with deductions of up to 25 percent of the regional personal income tax quota for people who have an actual stay in unpopulated areas.

In addition, it also includes a deduction of up to 15 percent for the acquisition, construction or rehabilitation of a home in these areas; the 80 percent reduction in the property transfer tax and tax on legal acts to acquire or rehabilitate a home or premises to establish a company; or the deduction of 500 euros during the first two years in the full regional fee for transfer of habitual residence for work reasons.

Added to the tax deductions is the increase of up to 40% in aid to those who undertake in these territories. Measures, he said, so that people perceive these territories as “friendly to live in and to invest in”.

Four axes, 210 actions and 10 years of validity

It contemplates up to 210 measures in four areas of action, public services, economic, social and territorial, aimed at favoring the settlement and fixation of the population, and whose main objective is to guarantee rights and basic services in the territory, facilitate entrepreneurship and economic activity in rural areas and guarantee equal opportunities for all people living in areas affected by depopulation.

The Vice President recalled that the Strategy is valid for ten years, with reviews every four, in order to analyze the results derived from said measures; while he has insisted that it is the result of “participation, agreement and consensus” with other institutions, social agents and participatory processes open to all citizens.

Demand-sensitive transport will arrive in Guadalajara this year

In his address, Martínez Guijarro reiterated that one of the basic pillars, first of the Law and now also of the Strategy, is to guarantee the provision of public services to citizens residing in areas affected by depopulation.

“Some services to which we have incorporated transport, which is one of the great novelties of the Law and the Strategy, as an essential public service in these territories, knowing that it has to have a non-radial approach so that people can access the public services that any citizen needs on a day-to-day basis”

It is about demand-sensitive transport that has already begun to operate in the province of Cuenca and that -has advanced- “this year we will also have implemented in the province of Guadalajara”.

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