The benefits of swimming with lifeguard class near me

Lifeguard class near me

Swimming is one of the few sports that has an impressive list of (health) benefits with lifeguard class near me. Let’s take a look at these advantages at a glance:

Swimming is relaxing

Swimming is an almost ideal form of relaxation. Not only mentally, but also physically. Of course you have to exert yourself, but the feeling of weightlessness in the water makes the whole experience of exerting completely different. You do work with your muscles, and the resistance of the water makes it heavier in some ways, but in others it is more than compensated for by the buoyancy of the water. But also mentally swimming has a relaxing effect.

If you have a lot to do with stress , swimming allows you to put everything aside and clear your head completely. And by putting the stress behind you, you give your body a chance to function normally again, because as we all know, stress has a devastating effect in the long term, at least if we don’t take some relaxing moments.

Swimming strengthens back muscles

If you suffer from a weak back, swimming is a very good remedy to make it strong again. This of course has to do with the weightlessness in the water. This means that your back does not have to bear anything at all, no weight to bear. In addition, your back does not have to absorb the shocks that normally would be the case when you are walking or running . An ideal combination, because you are indeed moving so that your back muscles get a little stronger every time.

Swimming increases lung capacity

If you exercise regularly, you have a greater lung capacity than men and women who do not or hardly move. This is not just reserved for swimmers, but it applies to all sports. For example, if you go swimming once a week, you will soon notice that you will be less breathless when you walk up a flight of stairs, for example.

Swimming has almost no injuries

There are very few sports that have virtually no injuries . And I mean the moving sports. I don’t count chess and checkers right now. Swimming is one such sport. In the water it is almost impossible to sprain your ankle or take a wrong step so that muscles are compromised. The only real injury I can imagine swimming is a major slip on the slippery tile floor. But that can be solved with good slippers.

Swimming makes you feel happy

Sports in general, including swimming, release endorphins in your brain. Endorphins are the substances that make you feel happy, which can give you a good mood. In addition, the effort produces more energy than it costs you. This means that after exercise you immediately have energy available for other activities, energy that you no longer had at all a few before because you just came home exhausted from work.

Swimming doesn’t have to be expensive

As said before: Swimming is one of the cheapest sports you can think of. You only need swimming trunks/bikini, possibly supplemented with swimming goggles and a good pair of slippers. And you can make all of this as expensive as you want. In principle, you can purchase everything with a budget of 20 euros and start immediately.

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