The Best CCNA Training In Dubai At Nlptech

CCNA Certification Course Overview

Nlptech’s CCNA training in Dubai will help you understand the fundamentals of networking technology while improving your customer service and networking skills. The CCNA training in Dubai helps expand career opportunities in all industries and certifies a professional’s ability to understand and manage networks, including auditing, provisioning, and configuring connections, as well as network administration and monitoring,

The CCNA course provides the skills necessary to configure and manage LAN and WAN services for small networks. This course covers everything from end-to-end networking knowledge to network protocol deployment. In addition, CCNA certification is a prerequisite for many other Cisco certifications.

Course Objectives for CCNA Certification

  • Develop a performance monitoring plan.
  • Support projects to improve WAN and LAN performance.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Stay abreast of new trends and developments.
  • Increase salaries
  • Improve networking opportunities.
  • Increase your confidence with the skills you learn.
  • CCNA Certification Training Program Overview
    The concepts covered in the CCNA training program are described below:
  • Common security principles and threats
  • Cryptography concepts
  • Network topologies and security for virtual environments
  • AAA concepts – RADIUS servers and TACACS+ servers.
  • An architectural framework for BYOD
  • VPN – concepts, remote access VPN, site-to-site VPN.
  • Secure routing and switching
  • CISCO firewall technology
  • IPS technology
  • Content and endpoint security

Who should get CCNA certification? Is the CCNA course worth it?

The Cisco Certified Network Associate certification is a globally recognized and useful certification for individuals working in the networking industry. Here are some of the careers you can expect after taking the CCNA course,

  • Networking professionals
  • Network engineers
  • Network administrators
  • Network support technicians

The benefits of CCNA certification, the skills you’ll learn, and their benefits:

CCNA training teaches a broad range of skills, including troubleshooting, configuration and monitoring, IP addressing, and network management. It also develops communication, organizational and analytical skills.

Strong knowledge of switching and routing.

Knowledge of LAN technology, switches, cabling, and bridges.

Good knowledge of network technology.

Complete knowledge of VLAN routing

Knowledge of IP and LAN switching techniques.

Knowledge of troubleshooting and global network technologies.

CCNA Certification – Professional Benefits

Improved leadership and teamwork

Manage and improve your leadership and collaboration skills and help you find the best possible job in networking.

It provides you with a solid foundation in the field and gives you confidence.

Helps demonstrate the applicant’s knowledge and skills in the field.

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