The Best FTA Approved Accounting Software In Dubai

Features of VAT accounting software

  • VAT accounts for all commercial transactions.
  • VAT in advance
  • export operations
  • import operations
  • compensation mechanism
  • Manual adjustment of VAT for complex cases
  • Tax declaration
  • Automatic generation of FTA audit file in FAF format
  • analysis
  • Value added tax declaration
  • VAT refund report
  • others
  • data backup
  • convenient and simple
  • 100% data protection
  • Integration of several modules.
  • Accounting program with VAT

Ensure compliance with UAE VAT laws and improve your financial situation

If compliance with UAE VAT laws is your main requirement, then you are in the right place. Designed for small, medium, and large companies in the construction, engineering, trade, and manufacturing industries, FirstBit ERP is FTA Approved Accounting Software In Dubai that helps you easily prepare your VAT returns and avoid fines.

Since FirstBit ERP’s VAT accounting system is customizable, you can optimize it according to your business needs. It even has a manual VAT adjustment feature if you need to change anything. Alternatively, you can create an FTA audit file (FTA file) in the desired format for the reference.

Implements Federal Decree-Law No. (8) of 2017 on Value Added Tax and Avoiding Fines

  • Prepare invoices for clients.
  • Publication of supplier invoices and tax credits
  • Filing a VAT declaration in one click
  • Introduce a reverse charge mechanism
  • Solve complex VAT accounting issues
  • Features of VAT accounting software
  • tax reports

VAT-Compliant Accounting: Record all your financial transactions in any currency and report audits in accordance with UAE VAT laws.

Prepayment VAT: Whether you are paying prepayments to sellers in Dubai or accepting prepayments from your customers, FirstBit ERP makes it easy to calculate VAT.

Export Operations – Use FirstBit ERP to calculate VAT when exporting goods outside the GCC VAT Agreement.

Import transactions: Imports are taxed in the UAE on a refund basis. With the FirstBit accounting program, you can calculate and report VAT on imported goods.

Reverse Billing Mechanism – Comply with local import tax laws with FirstBit ERP software for VAT accounting.

Manual VAT adjustments: Do you have complex transactions that require manual adjustments? Change the VAT in FirstBit manually to reflect the most accurate scenario.

VAT Refunds – Submit VAT returns to the UAE government with FirstBit ERP.

Create an FTA audit file. Get the FTA audit file (FTA file) in the format you need to audit returns, inputs, charges reported, taxes paid, refunds claimed and input tax refunds.

tax analysis

Output VAT Report – Calculate, track, and collect output VAT in accordance with UAE laws and regulations.

VAT Return: Calculate the refundable VAT and submit a report to the tax authorities.


Data backup: FirstBit’s digital or cloud version allows you to create regular backups, so you do not have to worry about data loss.

100% Security – At FirstBit, we use end-to-end encryption and offer role-based access so your data is always protected.

Multiple Module Integration: FirstBit ERP accounting software integrates with multiple modules including FirstBit Inventory & Warehouse, FirstBit HR & Payroll, FirstBit CRM, FirstBit Purchasing, FirstBit Sales, FirstBit Cash & Finance, Costing FirstBit Project and FirstBit Production.

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