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Best Vat Consultants In Dubai

The Best VAT Consultants In The UAE Are At Your Service

From 1 January 2018. The UAE and Saudi Arabia have introduced an indirect tax system – Value Added Tax (VAT). In other GCC member states, implementation has been slightly delayed.

Qatar and Bahrain implemented the system on 1 January, while Kuwait postponed implementation until 2021. This implementation was a call for Best Vat Consultants In Dubai to educate businesses about the implementation process. Bestaxca has UAE VAT consultants who have assisted many clients with VAT implementation and remain loyal to them to this day.

Under this VAT system, a 5% tax on the price of goods and services is applied at each stage of the supply chain. Some goods and services are subject to 0% VAT and only some goods and services are fully exempt from the tax system. Therefore, depending on the VAT system, your industry will fall into one of the following three categories: 5% VAT, 0% VAT, and VAT exempt.

Bestaxca has worked with many different industries. Our aim is to provide you with a ready-to-use VAT template for specific industries. Our UAE tax consultants will calculate the impact of the introduction of VAT on your business by analyzing your past profits, maximum retail price, consumer base, etc., and relating them to your current characteristics.

VAT Consultants In The United Arab Emirates

With this careful approach, we can develop plans that will help you make a profit equivalent to what you would have made if you had not had to pay VAT. How will Bestaxca achieve this? We will do this by ensuring compliance with current UAE rules and regulations while adapting to the latest developments.

As one of the most trusted VAT consultants in the UAE, we will also ensure that your consumers do not suffer any unpleasant consequences from VAT laws. This factor is very important as the incorrect application can affect customers. VAT was introduced to increase government revenue.

Due to the constant fluctuations in oil prices, the UAE plans to reduce its dependence on oil companies to generate revenue. This new measure will reduce the oil companies’ share of revenues, but the quality of public services will remain the same.

It also establishes a registration criterion based on a company’s annual turnover. If a company’s annual turnover exceeds USD 375 000, VAT registration will be compulsory. If the company’s turnover is between USD 187,5000 and USD 375,000, the UAE VAT law does not require registration.

In addition, if the revenue is less than USD 187 500, the company is not required to register under this law.

VAT Consultants In The United Arab Emirates

Choose our experts to help you register for VAT.

VAT registration services in Dubai are made easy when you get help from VAT registration consultants. Bestaxca has an experienced team that has helped many businesses to register for VAT. As VAT consultants in the UAE, we offer a tax plan that is right for your company so that you know how the introduction of VAT will affect your company.

We help you prepare all the documents required for VAT registration.

The required documents are submitted to the UAE Federal Tax Authority.

It is necessary to declare the goods and services your company sells.

An invoice declaration is required.

We are highly experienced UAE tax consultants, so we arrange meetings with GCC officials and the registration goes smoothly.

We even propose to remove VAT registration from UAE businesses that have reduced their turnover and businesses that do not exceed the voluntary registration threshold of USD 187 500.

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