The Most Powerful Weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins

Powerful Weapons

Amongst the various weapons that players can choose from in Black Ops 3 Origins is Powerful Weapons, there are a few that are considered to be the most powerful. These include Vesper, Weevil, and Kuda. However, the question is, what are these weapons’ origins?

ice staff origins

Whether you’re playing the single-player or multiplayer versions of Call of Duty Black Ops 3, the ice staff origins is one of the most potent weapons in the game. The ice staff is a powerful weapon that will kill many zombies in one shot and has an excellent blizzard effect. You can also upgrade your ice staff to a full-blown blizzard machine that quickly freezes your enemies in place and kills them.

You’ll need to gather a few items to upgrade your ice staff. One of the best items to collect is a colored disc. You’ll find one in the tank station or the Generator 2 building.

Another item you’ll need is a blue record. This record will let you open a secret sub-level in the Excavation Site.


Using the most potent weapons on the map has become many players’ game-changers. Fortunately, there are several options to choose from. For example, the GKZ-45 Mk3 (also known as the Ray Gun Mark 3) is a dual-wielding weapon that can shoot multiple missiles at your target. It is also a more powerful weapon, especially if you’re a melee player.

Aside from the weapon itself, the best way to get the most out of the GKZ-45 is to use it in conjunction with other weapons. This is especially true regarding melee weapons such as the RK5, Shiva, and the zombie-defeating Zombie Shield. Aside from the gun, players will need three parts to create the shield: the shield frame, the face screen, and the hands.


Among the many great weapon options in Black Ops 3, a few are considered to be among the most powerful. One is the “VMP,” a submachine gun based on the Beretta Mx4 Storm. It is one of the most popular online weapons and a powerful weapon in the game.

Another powerful weapon is the “Wunderwaffe” or “Wacko.” It is a highly accurate machine gun that can kill an entire horde of zombies in one shot. You can upgrade the wunderwaffe to increase the amount of ammo it can hold and the power of its images.

Another highly effective gun in Black Ops 3 is the “KN-44“. It’s an assault rifle with a reasonable fire rate and can be upgraded with ammo or upgrades. It’s also a good sniper rifle for reviving teammates.


Whether you are looking for a new Zombie weapon or just interested in the best zombie weapons in Black Ops 3, knowing the most powerful guns in the game is always helpful. This can be done by looking at the ammo contained and the damage it can do. Here are some of the most potent weapons in Black Ops 3.

Storm Weapon: The Storm weapon is the most potent in Black Ops 3 based on the damage it can do. It has an extensive range and is helpful for one-shotting zombies. It also opens a small portal that has flying skulls inside, which can kill zombies near it. This weapon is also beneficial in clearing a horde of zombies, but it could be more practical for one-shotting a single zombie.


Whether you are playing Zombies or Campaign Mode, you can unlock Vesper. Vesper is an SMG that is very effective at close quarters. In a few rounds, Vesper can kill four zombies, and in Hardcore Mode, it can kill two zombies. It has a low damage per bullet, but a high rate of fire, which is very important for close-range combat.

Vesper is one of the smallest SMGs in the game, compared to Kuda, the largest SMG. The magazine of Vesper holds 30 rounds. This magazine size makes Vesper very competitive at close range, but it does leave the player in a weak position against weapons that can reach farther.

Vesper has good handling characteristics. It is fast and reloads quickly. Its iron sights are also good enough for optimal range. In addition, the Quickdraw Handle helps boost Vesper’s handling.

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