Things you need to look for when choosing a spa for your pet

Keeping your pet clean at all times is not humanly possible, especially when you are a proud owner of a cute little pup. They are always high on energy and have nothing to fear when they play outside and come back all dirty.


Bathing is an essential part of pet grooming, and while some pet owners prefer to bathe their pets by themselves, having a spa day for your pet can be extremely entertaining and fun for both of you. Pet spas include bathing, nail clipping, hair cuts, and many more services that can help your pet stay healthy and active.


However, not all spas can offer you the services you need, which is why it is important to do your research before selecting a spa for your pet because you don’t want to take any risks with your precious baby’s health.


Choose Sugar Paws, a premium pet spa in Dubai. They have professionally trained groomers who are loving owners of pets themselves; hence, they offer home-like care to their clients.

Here are some things that you should have a look at before choosing the right spa for your fluff ball.

Services Offered

Different spas offer many different services related to grooming and relaxation, but you might not get all of them in one place. If you understand your pet’s breed completely (which you should), you will know what kind of service it will need and what things it enjoys.

Ask about the services a pet spa offers and see if they have everything you have in mind. In case you don’t know your pet’s breed well enough, it is better to consult a professional first and do some research before taking them to a spa.

Products Used

Cleaning your pet yourself has one benefit: you know exactly which products are being used and you can be as careful as you need to be. However, dropping your precious one at a spa without knowing the products they will be using can be harmful to your baby (and stressful for you). It is better to ask about the type of products they use for baths and other grooming services. You don’t want harmful shampoos and conditioners on your baby’s fur so choose a salon that uses natural shampoos, like Sugar Paws. The products they use are natural and organic and free of soap, sulfates, parabens, and harsh chemicals.

Brushes Used

Brushing is the easiest way for pets to relax. Pets don’t usually need baths more than once a month, so without baths, what other method can you use to massage your pet? Brushing!

Pets enjoy good strokes, and it has many more benefits than just relaxing. Brushing keeps the fleas and ticks away from your fluff ball’s long hair, and also removes dead hair from the coat. Having good brushes are essential for groomers because hard bristles can cause pain to the pet. Make sure you know what kind of brushes are used in the spa you are considering, so no harm comes your pup’s way.

Massage Therapy

Don’t we all love a good massage once in a while?

Everyone knows that pets love to be patted and stroked, and dogs especially tend to be more welcoming towards loving gestures. But just petting your furry baby is not enough to be called a massage. Just like us, pets also need good massages to relieve stress and re-energize them. While choosing a spa, you should also see if they provide good massages to pets. You would want your splooty baby to have some relaxing quality time while it is being groomed.

If you are looking for a pet spa in Dubai, visit Sugar Paws and book a session with their professional groomers, who will provide the best grooming services to your pet. You can rest assured that your fur baby’s health is in good hands.




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