Things You Shouldn’t Do While Writing An Essay

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Essay writing is a required academic task across all disciplines and institutions. However, only a minority of students believe essay writing to be simple. Obviously, practise makes perfect, and by the end of their final year of college, the majority of students can write an essay in their sleep. Knowing the most crucial dos and don’ts of essay writing can assist make this experience less stressful and more fruitful.


Academic essays are a necessary component of the educational experience. Learning to write well may be one of the most valuable talents acquired while college. Before mastering the skill of academic essay writing, the majority of students will make numerous errors. You cannot avoid writing essays, but you may avoid making these typical errors. But if you’re not sure, just hire an online assignment helper to get your job done!


Lacking a Robust Thesis Statement

Developing a solid thesis statement is vital to creating a quality essay. The thesis statement serves as the essay’s fulcrum. It must express an opinion and be as detailed as possible. Example of a weak thesis assertion: The Great Gatsby is an outstanding work of American literature. In its extravagance, materialism, and melancholy emptiness, The Great Gatsby encapsulates the essence of America’s Jazz Age.


Using Too Many Quotes in An Essay

The essay should demonstrate your knowledge of the issue and the research you conducted to support your point. The excessive use of quotes from the text you are studying or from your research undermines your authority on the subject. Quotes should be used sparingly and only when they convey a point with greater eloquence than your own words.


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Lacking a Solid Bibliography

The standard format for a bibliography in academic essays is MLA, unless your lecturer specifies an alternative style. Check out this website for a detailed list of how to reference sources in MLA format. Avoid losing points because of your bibliography. The most challenging aspect of your essay should be developing an original interpretation of your issue. The bibliography is formulaic and straightforward to format correctly with minimal effort.

Using Sources Without Credibility

In the era of the Internet, it is simple to enter a term and find dozens of relevant articles. However, this does not imply that all of these articles are credible. Ensure that your sources are from academic authorities. This website offers advice on how to locate reputable academic resources online. By avoiding these errors, you will be able to achieve a higher level of quality and confidence in your academic writing. It will also make your lecturers happy.

Copying and pasting – a big NO!

There is nothing more awful than plagiarised work. And since universities, colleges, schools, and corporations have taken a keen interest in this field, it is quite easy to fall prey to deception! Avoiding accidental plagiarism is another crucial consideration. Some students’ papers may contain plagiarism due to errors such as citation confusion, paraphrase confusion, and ignorance of the difference between common information and original work. Make sure that all of your sources are properly referenced, and don’t forget to run your paper through the plagiarism checker at when you’re finished to ensure that you haven’t inadvertently plagiarised.


not conforming to task requirements

Carefully read the directions for the assignment you’ve been allocated. Consider factors such as word count, which you will need to consider in your planning. Make careful to include everything, and if you have any questions, consult your instructor!

Failure to conduct proper research

If you have not conducted sufficient research on your issue, this will become evident to the reader. The essay will be lacking in depth and will be ambiguous. Allow yourself ample time to conduct thorough research for your essay, and be sure to include both the research results and your own opinions and ideas.

No thesis assertion

In the vast majority of academic writings, you will be expected to develop a thesis statement. The thesis statement is a concise summary of your essay’s argument. It informs the reader of the major topic, purpose, and concepts you intend to explore. Ensure that you adhere to your thesis statement.


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