What Does Other Snapchatters Mean?

other snapchatters mean

The term other snap chatters can lead you to scratch your heart and you are not alone who is trying to figure out what this term means. We have done some digging and in this blog, we are going to tell our readers about what does other snapchatters mean. 

What are ‘Other Snapchatters’?

The term other snap chatters are referred to a situation on snap chat and are used for snap chat users who have viewed the story of the users but they do not follow the users on the app. 

When someone who is friends with the users on the snap chat platform views their story then the snap chat will show the user name of that person but if instead of showing the name of the person it is showing other snap chatters then this means that the other person has unfriend the users on the platform. 

Removed as Friend

The person must have unfollowed the users and this is why they have been termed as others. Below are the steps which the users can use when they want to check if someone has unfollowed them on the platform or not. 

For the initial step, the users need to open Snapchat and then go to the chat option at the bottom of the screen. 

In this step, the users are required to look for the friend’s name in the friend list and if the users see a gray arrow in front of them then it means they have removed the users as friends. 

There are many users who are wondering about why does it say other snapchatters but are still friends, well this can be because the users still follow that user but the other person might have unfollowed the user on Snapchat. 

User is Blocked 

It is also possible that the person has viewed the story of the users and after viewing the story the person has blocked the users, and when such a thing happens then also the users will see other snap chatters instead of the username of the person. 

The users can check if the other person has blocked them or not by looking for his or her profile on snap chat from the search bar. If the users are able to have a look at their profile then it means they haven’t blocked the users but only removed them as a friend.

But if the users are not able to find the person then it means that the users have been blocked by another person and they will no longer be able to access his or her profile. 

The Person Not Added as a Friend

Another possible situation when the users will get the message of other snap chatters is when a person who has not been added to the friend list of the users has seen the story of the users. 

The users can check it by tapping on other snap chatters and then on the names of the profiles and can see if they are their friends or not. If the users do not want other people to look at their story then they have kept their story only for their friends by following up on the steps mentioned below. 

Step 1 – Users need to launch the profile icon and then press on the settings icon from the screen. 

Step 2 – From settings, the users need to move to the who can section and press on view my story. 

Step 3 – Finally the users need to press on the friends only option so that they do not need to go around looking for other snapchatters meaning.

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