What Is Coaxial Speaker Cable and Why You Should Care

Cables are the unsung heroes of your audio system. They’re what transfer the electrical signal from the power amp to the speaker and ultimately, convert that analog signal into those sound waves we all love so much. But if you’re paying attention to them, coaxial speaker cable might just be the most important cable in your home theater.

What is a coaxial speaker cable?

As the name suggests, a coaxial speaker cable consists of two conductors that are wound around each other in a helical configuration. The inner conductor is typically made of copper or aluminum, while the outer conductor is usually a braided shield of copper or aluminum. The two conductors are separated by an insulating material, such as air, foam, or plastic.

Coaxial speaker cable is often used in home theater and audio applications because it offers several advantages over other types of speaker wire. First, coaxial cable has much better shielding than most other types of speaker wire, which means that it is less likely to pick up interference from electrical devices or other sources of electromagnetic radiation. Second, coaxial cable is less susceptible to cross-talk than other types of speaker wire, so it can provide clearer sound quality. Finally, coaxial cable is more durable than most other types of speaker wire and can therefore withstand more wear and tear.

How does it work?

Coaxial speaker cables are made up of two internal conductors that are separated by an insulating material. The inner conductor is typically made of copper, while the outer conductor is usually made of aluminum. The two conductors are twisted together to form the cable.

Coaxial cables are used to connect speakers to amplifiers or receivers. The cable carries the audio signal from the amplifier to the speaker. The copper conductor carries the positive signal, while the aluminum conductor carries the negative signal.

The twisted design of coaxial cables helps to reduce interference from outside sources, such as electromagnetic fields. This design also helps to protect the inner conductor from damage.

Why should you care about this cable?

If you’re looking to improve your home theater or audio setup, you may be wondering if you need to upgrade your speaker cables. One type of speaker cable you may come across is a coaxial cable. In this article, we’ll discuss what coaxial speaker cable is and why you should care about it.

Coaxial cable is a type of electrical cable that consists of two conductors (an inner conductor and an outer conductor) that are separated by a dielectric material. The inner conductor is typically made of copper or aluminum, while the outer conductor is typically made of a braided shield. Coaxial cable is often used in applications where high levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI) are present, such as in audio/video equipment, computers, and telecommunications equipment.

So why should you care about coaxial speaker cable? There are a few reasons:

  1. Coaxial cable provides better immunity to EMI than other types of cables, which means that your audio signal will be less likely to be interfered with by outside sources of noise.
  2. Coaxial cables can carry higher levels of current than other types of cables, which means that it can handle more powerful audio signals without losing quality.

What are the common types of coaxial cables?

There are three common types of coaxial cables: RG-6, RG-11, and RG-59. RG-6 is the most common type of coaxial cable used in home networking applications. It is also commonly used in video and satellite applications. RG-11 is a thicker cable than RG-6 and is often used in commercial applications or for longer runs. RG-59 is the thinnest type of coaxial cable and is typically only used for short runs or in low-voltage applications.

Pros and Cons of Coaxial Speaker Cable

When it comes to speaker cables, there are a few different types that you can choose from. Coaxial speaker cable is one type that is commonly used, but there are both pros and cons to using this type of cable. Here is a look at the pros and cons of coaxial speaker cable so that you can decide if it is the right type of cable for your needs:


  • Coaxial cable is very affordable, so it is a great option if you are on a budget.
  • It is easy to find coaxial cable in most stores that sell audio/visual equipment.
  • Coaxial cable is relatively easy to install.


  • The copper wire inside the coaxial cable is not as thick as the wire found in other types of speaker cables, so it does not conduct electricity as well. This means that coaxial cable is not ideal for use with high-end audio equipment.
  • The copper wire inside the coaxial cable is also more prone to interference from things like electrical appliances and power lines. This can cause your audio quality to suffer.


If you’re looking for a high-quality speaker cable that won’t break the bank, then a coaxial speaker cable is a great option. Not only is it more affordable than other types of speaker cables, but it also delivers superior sound quality. So if you’re looking to upgrade your home theater system without spending a fortune, then be sure to give coaxial speaker cable a try.

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