What Is Purpose Of Umrah?

What Is Purpose Of Umrah

What is purpose of Umrah is well known question. Umrah is a holy act in Islam. Every Muslim always wills to visit Makkah for performing Umrah. Just a look of Kaaba is life gained worth for every Muslim. Umrah is a non-stoppable gift of Allah for Muslims. It is a beautiful Sunnah of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.h) for Muslims. Millions of Muslims travel to Makkah for performing holy Sunnah of Prophet (P.B.U.H). Umrah continues throughout the year. Poor people looks for Umrah travel agency packages to visit Kaaba.

Everyone is willing to get mercy of God in this world and in next immortal life for getting Jannah. Only God bless Jannah if granted his mercy to human. Every man in this tries to perform acts that God likes and he becomes man that God likes.

What are purpose of Umrah?

The main purpose of Umrah are

  • Guest of Allah
  • To clean sins of our soul
  • To strong Imaan
  • Lessen poverty
  • Social benefits
  • Union of Muslim nation or community

Guest of Allah

It is common world custom that a man invites that person to his home by which he loves, person that will very close to him. He invites him and enjoys to spend time together. In same way, God, Allah invites his people to his home, sacred house of God is Kaaba, as guest and God treats as host. Imagine God is your host, unbelievable for a man. But it happens, God host all pilgrims in Kaaba. It is unbelievable and god’s mercy for Mankind. It is biggest reason for what is purpose of Umrah.

To clean sins of soul

A purpose of Umrah of cleaning of sins of soul of pilgrims. God bless Muslims a way to clean their soul from sins in this world. A man performs number of acts that are against Islam and order of Allah and his Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). These evil acts dirty man’s soul and become source of anger of God. A man cannot face anger of God in this world and in immortal life of next world. So, he has to remove these evil acts and clean his soul from these sins. Umrah is biggest and easier way to done it.

To strong Imaan

After Umrah, man’s faith in Allah increases. His trust in Allah increase and tries to avoid all evil acts to make his soul clean. So, a man never performs evil acts and tries to perform holy acts. So, his faith strengthen in Allah.

Lessen poverty

Pilgrims buys a number of goods in Makkah while performing Umrah. So, Business of number of people expand in Makkah due to Umrah. In this way, Umrah helps in lessen poverty.

Social benefits

While performing Umrah, Pilgrims learn discipline that helps in building societies. After performing Umrah, Pilgrims tries to avoid to tease others. In this way, peaceful societies appears in world.

Union of Muslim nation or community

While performing Umrah, thousands of people of different countries perform Umrah without any difference. There is no difference of color, nation of language or cast. Every perform Umrah equally without any difference.


Islam is a religion which orders by keeping humans benenfits in view. What is purpose of Umrah clears this this term. Government should provide cheap Umrah packages to people.


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