What to Care about Body Paragraphs of Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay’s goal is to create a viewpoint or stance on a topic by presenting reasons and evidence to back it up. A well-written argumentative essay will:

  • Introduce and interest the reader with a captivating topic.
  • Justly explain and evaluate all sides of a situation.
  • Respond to any possible counter-arguments to the writer’s point of view.
  • Convince the reader to embrace or consider a different viewpoint.

What Characteristics should an Excellent Argumentative Essay Possess?

  1. In the introduction, there should be a clear thesis statement.
  2. Arguments and evidence that support the thesis statement.
  3. Appropriate instances or proof to back up your claims.

An Argumentative Essay can be written in three steps

The following are the three primary categories of longitudinal studies:

Make a thesis statement and choose a topic

A thesis statement is a one or two-sentence summary of your essay’s core argument or claim. A strong thesis statement is essential since it informs the reader about the topic of the essay, allowing them to determine whether or not to read it.

A strong thesis statement will usually include a claim, your position on the claim, and the primary points that will support your position within the context of your chosen topic. It will also function as a guide for you when you write the essay’s body paragraphs.

If you have the option of choosing your own topic for an argumentative essay, go with your skills or enthusiasm. Begin by considering things that influence you on a daily basis or on a topic about which you have strong feelings. However, keep in mind that the majority of people’s beliefs are not backed up by substantial evidence. So, once you think you have distilled down a topic or area of expertise, start researching and defining your position.

Gather information and organize your results

Planning is essential for any essay, but it is especially important for an argumentative essay because you will be expressing an argument that you will need to back up with some evidence. All types of reliable resources and materials from trustworthy sources and industry professionals should be included in your research. Keep the following in mind when carrying out research:

  • Read widely to get a good view of the subject, including past and current disputes, arguments and counter-arguments, and the leading authorities in the field.
  • Maintain an open mind and try to see things from the perspective of other customers and businesses. Recognise these points of view and address them in your essay to achieve a well-balanced essay.
  • Keep a lookout for any unusual perspectives that have not been fully revealed yet.

Make a plan and write your essay.

This step entails laying out the content of your essay in a way that produces a smooth flow for both your argument and your reader. If you are unclear about anything, you can get help from a cheap essay writing service.

What is the Structure of an Argumentative Essay’s Body Paragraph?

It is preferable to devote one paragraph to each of your argument’s supporting points. The following three parts must always be present in all arguments or body paragraphs:


A claim is a statement you make to back up your point of view. It is essentially a justification for why your thesis statement is correct.

Evidence & Explanation

Every assertion you make should be backed up with relevant evidence and an explanation of how that evidence backs you up. This is where you will put your research findings from reliable sources. However, if you don’t know how to collect evidence, you can buy essay online.

Tie-back to thesis

Make a connection to your thesis by providing pieces of evidence and information that are linked to your argumentative essay.

How to Write a Good Body Paragraph in an Argumentative Essay

The body paragraphs should all support your thesis by demonstrating why or how it is correct. Body paragraphs, on the whole, support the thesis of the text and give new light to the main topic, whether through scientific evidence, logical reasoning, intentional persuasion, or personal anecdotes. Check out the following ideas on how to improve the effectiveness of your essay writing:

Write with a goal in mind

All body paragraphs should support your thesis statement in some way, whether it is by offering background knowledge, delving into details or presenting opposing opinions. The number of body paragraphs will vary depending on the length of your essay. Avoid including extraneous or irrelevant information that can complicate your central point. Maintain the focus of your body paragraphs and make sure they support your thesis statement.

Consider including counter-arguments

You should utilise one of your body paragraphs in an argumentative or analytical essay to briefly build a case for any counterarguments before showing why your thesis is better. Presenting evidence and looking at a topic from all sides will help you build credibility and gain a reader’s trust.

As needed, use paragraph breaks

When starting a new topic, introducing a new speaker, comparing other ideas, or providing white space to give readers a breath from a lengthy paragraph, a paragraph break is required. Avoid stuffing too much material into each paragraph of the body. Paragraph breaks can help you control the pace of your writing and create specific sensations or emotions in your readers.


Each body paragraph should be reviewed and proofread. To keep your writing brief, clear and effective, remove any repetitions or irrelevant terms.


The body paragraphs are critical in proving the thesis of an essay, which is stated in the introduction. Body paragraphs form a road from the introduction to the conclusion, which summarises the arguments and considers how the final insights might be used in various situations. As a result, each body paragraph must logically connect to one another. If you can remove a paragraph without losing important information that supports your thesis claim, that paragraph is a deviation from the path and should be revised to fit in with the rest of your essay and contain relevant proof, context and/or specifics.

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