Which Statement Best Describes The Resolution Of Sleeping Beauty?

Which Statement Best Describes The Resolution Of Sleeping Beauty?

Sleeping Beauty, written by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve and published in 1696, tells the story of Princess Aurora and her fairy godmother, who puts her into an enchanted sleep and protects her from an evil fairy with whom she has fought. The story has been retold countless times, but there have been changes to the original plot over time.A. She died

The Cruel Mother or a true relation of a young lady greatly disfigured by burning. The popular poem ends with Cinderella ultimately killing her cruel stepmother for transforming her into an ugly hag. Sleeping Beauty doesn’t end with such a gruesome death, but after sleeping for 100 years, she wakes to find that most everyone she knows is dead.

Unlike Cinderella, she does not move on from her grief or look to reclaim a life that was lost; instead, she gives up and decides to join them in death. Even though there were no best beauty brands 30000 years ago, which statement best describes The Cruel Mother? There are still many beauties nowadays.

B. She woke up without any memory of what happened

The story of Sleeping Beauty begins with King Philip dying. The king, saddened by his impending death, asks his three fairies to come up with a way for him to be remembered for all eternity. A great sorceress, an evil witch and a good fairy each give their input into how Philip can be immortalized: He will become a prince on his birthday.

He must kiss someone before midnight in order to break a 100-year spell that was placed on him and everyone else in his kingdom. After succeeding at breaking the spell, he fell in love with Princess Aurora and they would get married. One day when Aurora is 16 years old she pricks her finger while sewing and falls asleep due to an enchanted spindle.

C. He changed her into a tree

One could argue that Prince Charming was responsible for transforming Princess Aurora into a tree. He certainly wished it upon her, after all. But who actually did change her into a tree? Her grandmother and mother, who she didn’t get to choose, obviously. The best beauty brands in question do not relate to physical beauty at all; they instead connect to morality and behavior.

So according to your resolution, it would be her mother and grandmother not Prince Charming who would make such a comment if they were indeed branded as the best beauty brands of their time.

D. The Prince married her and they lived happily ever after

It’s only when she is kissed by her true love and breaks a spell of more than a hundred years that had put her in a deep sleep that you can truly say that she wakes up and their lives lived happily ever after. It wasn’t just any kiss that woke her from her slumber it was magic.

E. Maleficent casts a spell

After learning that she has been tricked by her fairy godmother, Maleficent curses Aurora to sleep for one hundred years. The king’s men cannot awake her and his attempts to bribe Maleficent fail.

The curse comes into effect and, as predicted, Aurora falls into a deep slumber from which she can only be woken by a kiss from her true love, who must also prove his nobility before he may wake her. In time, Prince Phillip accomplishes both feats and awakens Aurora with a kiss. They marry soon after.

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