Why is it important for a buyer to get well water tested prior to purchase?

Water Testing

When it comes time to buying property, there are numerous things to consider. You want to make sure the house you’re purchasing has structural integrity, safe wiring, and all of the utilities in proper working order so that your home doesn’t become unlivable immediately after purchase. One thing that you might overlook, however, is the water quality of the well on the property.


Well Water Testing Explained

Water Testing Services typically can run anywhere from $50-$400 depending on the size of your home and what type of tests you want. Lead Water Testing, which detects lead contamination in household drinking water, typically costs around $300. You might be wondering why you should test your well before you buy it. There are many reasons – first off, how can you know that the seller’s disclosure about the property’s history of maintenance or issues with the property if they haven’t had their own water tested? And second, even if they have had their own tests done, how do you know those results were accurate or up-to-date?

You wouldn’t want to buy a house that was discovered to have lead-contaminated drinking water only after buying it!  As such, we recommend getting your well water tested at least 3 months before you’re ready to purchase a property. Our Lead Water Testing services use EPA Certified laboratories and meet USP 797 requirements for lead in drinking water testing, so we’ll ensure that any lead contaminants are found and taken care of ahead of time so as not to jeopardize your health. For more information on our lead testing services or other types of laboratory testing (that include items like soil samples) contact us today.


Toxic Contaminants in Well Water

Many contaminants can be found in well water, including lead. Lead water testing and hazardous material testing are two ways that home buyers can ensure that the water they drink and bathe in is safe. Water Testing Services offers both of these tests at reasonable rates. There are many things you need to know about your water before purchasing your home, and getting your water test should be one of them.  Water Testing Services makes this easy by offering lead water testing and hazardous material testing at low prices. All you have to do is submit a form online or call Water Testing Services, tell us where you want to test, and we’ll take care of the rest!


How to Get a Free Well Water Test

A free well water test can help you determine if there are any hazardous materials in your drinking water. There are two types of tests that you can request: an abatement service and hazardous material testing. Abatement service will check for lead, copper, and arsenic in the ground, while hazardous material testing will check for heavy metals such as mercury or cyanide. The abatement service test checks up on how the ground around your home has been contaminate by using a variety of methods including soil sampling and other visual inspections. Hazardous material testing looks at the levels of chemicals in your drinking water such as trihalomethanes or nitrates. You can request both tests, but most people choose to only have hazardous material testing done.


What are my responsibilities as the property owner?

As the property owner, you are responsible for the water that comes out of your tap. You need to ensure that the water you are receiving is safe and free from lead. Lead Water Testing Services offers a variety of water testing services including: Lead Water Testing and Water Testing Services.  Lead Water Testing Services provides water testing service for owners looking to sell their home or prospective buyers looking to purchase a home in Cincinnati Ohio. Lead Water Testing has many locations throughout the country.

They have three labs strategically located on each coast so they can ship samples overnight by UPS-3 day delivery Monday-Friday). They test for all water contaminants in residential drinking water (lead, nitrates, bacteria, etc.). Their technicians come with high levels of training and experience which allows them to give clear, unbiased advice on what steps may be necessary to remedy the situation if there is an issue.


What should I look out for while buying land with wells?

While wells may seem like the perfect solution, they have the potential to be contaminate. Certain contaminants such as lead can make their way into your water supply and cause health problems. It’s important that you are aware of these risks before buying land with wells. Especially if you plan on using the property in the near future.

If you suspect or know that there is an issue with your well. Be sure to contact an abatement service immediately. So that they can assess the situation and offer solutions. There are many different types of contamination. But luckily Lead Water Testing will help identify any lead-related issues before it gets too serious.


A checklist when considering buying land with wells

It’s important to have any wells on the property you’re considering purchasing checked out with water testing services. Lead water testing should be done if there are pipes or plumbing that are older than six years old. Lead poisoning can cause serious health problems and should be avoid at all costs. It’s also wise to use a quality water testing service. Because they will provide information about the levels of contaminants. Such as nitrates and coliform bacteria, as well as testing for lead.


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